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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Artist of the Month

This month artist of the month, I chose Raymond Lam.

Raymond Lam Fung is born on December 8th 1979. Enter TVB 13th Acting Class in 1998 along side with Tavia Yeung and others. Fung's birth name is Lam Wui Man 林匯文. After graduating from the class, Ray appear on series and talk host shows. But in series he is mostly walk on or background people. In 2000 Ray earned a more screen time and gained more attention after playing supporting roles in A Taste of Love and A Step in the Past. In 2002 Raymond played his first leading role in Eternal Happiness along side with Michelle Yip. Also was nominated for Most Improved Actor for his role in Survival Law. In Survival Law, Fung acted as along side with Sammul Chan, Myolie Wu, and Bernice Liu. Other than acting, Fung also singed on to the singer career in 2007 and had released 4 albums.

Ever since his entrance into the entertainment industry, Fung strive to work his best. Ever since 2002 Fung was nominated each year. Fung had received at least 80 awards. During the TVB Awards night, Fung had received three awards. Most Improved, My Favorite Character for Moonlight Resonance in 2008 and in Twins of Brothers in 2004. This year, Ray is nominated for Best Actor for his role in Mysteries of Love. Best of Luck! Other than that, Ray had filmed 28 series. His recent work is An Uninvited Date and The Colorful of Sister Fa and a mainland production Ad Mania.Good Luck Raymond and I'll be looking forward for your new series. ;] Best of luck to you!!

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