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Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 TVB Awards Final

 Best Actor
Wayne Lai
Raymond Lam
Felix Wong
Moses Chan
Steven Ma

I expected to be Wayne Lai. Cause whose really going to beat Lau Sing? Lol.
Best Actress
Sheren Tang
Charmanie Sheh
Tavia Yeung
Linda Chung 
Maggie Cheung

Of Course its going to be Gao Goo Leung! Whose going to be right? ahaha...

Most Favourite Female Character
Charmaine Sheh - Third Princess
Teresa Mo
Sheren Tang
Linda Chung
Tavia Yeung

Hehe.. I personally voted for Charmaine... so I'm I thought she did well with her character and I loved Sam Gong Jui. =D Linda's character Ng Sei Duk is quite adorable too. 

 Most Favourite Male Character
Wayne Lai
Moses Chan
Steven Ma
Kenneth Ma
Raymond Lam - Professor Kingsley King

I was surprise that Raymond got this award. Lol. Cause I thought that his character was quite boring. It wasn't one of those huge role, it just like an everyday basic guy. A guy that every girl dreams for. That perfect guy that everyone wants. I thought it was nothing I thought Kenneth role in Fistful was amazingly done. =] He should of had got it! But then I can see why Professor King won though. Its "My favorite male character". Everyone Wants that kind of "Dream Guy". ahaha.

Best Supporting Male
Ron Ng
Dominic Lam
Raymond Wong
Pierre Ngo
Evergreen Mak

On this top 5 list... would only be between Dominic and Evergreen. Dominic role in Fistful was amazing and he just lost by a tiny bit. Evergreen did well...and he does truly deserves it. In all these year! I personally thought that he was a good actor from all his other supporting roles. I'm happy that he got his recognition! =]

  Best Supporting Female
Kara Hui
Elena Kong
Susanna Kwan
Fala Chen
Nancy Wu

I personally thought that Kara should of had won. Her role in Fistful was outstanding!! I loved her in there. Fala did improve and I'm happy that she won. 

Most Improve Male
Alex Lam
King Kong
Joel Chan
Raymond Wong
Him Law

I expected to be Raymond Wong. He truly deserves it!! 

Most Improve Female
Selena Li
Elaine Yiu
Natalie Tong
Chan Sin Yeung
Mimi Lo

Natalie did Improve and she did great in Fistful! She deserves it. But Selena need to be recognize too!! Last Year Selena should of had got the award... but it went to Aimee. *sigh* Hopefully next year Selena will win!!

Best Series
A Chip off the Old Block
The Mysteries of Love
Can’t Buy Me Love
Every Move you Make
No Regrets 

Hmm I see that it was Can't Buy Me Love that took the award home! I thought it would be No Regrets! I thought that NR deserves it more. CBML was warm, funny, and relaxing to watch. It was good. But NR deserves it more... but it was just that CBML rating was the highest. I was So surprise that Gun Metal Grey didn't get into top 5 and neither did A Fistful of Stances. A Chip got it? I was happy but it wasn't deserving. It was just like last years Best Series awards. TVB didn't put too much into Gun like they did last year to Born 

Best Performance
Moses Chan

This award was presented to Tavia last year too. This award Was SO awarded to the Artistes TO make them Happy. Popularity Award:
Raymond Lam

Congrats to Fung getting this award. But I was kinda unexpected that he'll win I thought Wayne or Steven will cause their blog was ranked #1. LOL. But congrats to Fung!! 

Life Time Achievement 
Lousie Lee See Kei

Congrats to Lee See Kei! I thought that other older veteran Artistes will get it. 

Well the awards for 43rd is finally over. Everything is finally done for TVB 2010. TVB 2011 is coming up on our way. I would like to know and why Gun Grey Metal and Fistul of Stances didn't make it to Top 5 for best series. Lastly Congratulations to all nominees and congrats to all the winners. 

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