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Friday, December 23, 2011

Thoughts So Far..[Bottle Passion]

I really haven't been satisfy with TVB lately and I was unsure if I should watch Bottle Passion and When Heaven Burns. I believe that WHB has a really strong cast; I did start on it and I don't think I'll go back to it. I'll just read other bloggers review to find out what happen 18 years ago Lol xD. I decided to give Bottle Passion a chance. I heard many great review on it and also heard that the rating is increasing.  The only problem is that it was aired at the wrong time. Or else I'm pretty sure BP will get better ratings and views.

I started on BP and currently on episode 14. I don't know, but I felt like BP is some type of drug. I'm So addicted to BP and I want my episodes!!! -.- oh boy..(someone is not going to be happy for Christmas and that will be me :P). Omygoodness I'm so addicted to it and I can't stop..I need the rest of the series to be out already!! And I also think there is something really wrong with my emotions or the series is just really emotional!! I've been crying non-stop ever since I started watching the series. Its really heartbreaking and very touching. Therefore, I really enjoy the series and very happy with it!!

Raymond and Niki performed really well so far and it is a fresh pairing. I can't wait till their relationship develops! Their relationship is quite complicated..well not really, but it seems like it.
  • The first episode, Tsui Sum went to deliver some Soy Sauce to an old lady and she passed by this place where Tung Boon Sin was waiting. 
  • He waited there because twenty years ago he met a girl in the orphanage. Her nickname was Milk Candy and they promised that in ten years time they will meet again. If they couldn't meet in ten years then they will meet in the next ten years. Basically, Boon Sin already waited for twenty years and still haven't find Milk Candy. 
  • He Mistakenly thought Tsui Sum was Milk Candy when she passed by. Milk Candy couldn't walk properly and at that moment Tsui Sum was limping too.  But it turn out Tsui Sum wasn't the girl. After they met, Boon Si had used all his charisma and had led Tsui Sum trust him and fallen for him. He used Tsui Sum to get back at Ko's Family and had betrayed Tsui Sum. 
  • Tsui Sum trusted him with all her heart; selling Ka Fuk to him but only ended up getting hurt.
  • Because of what happen in the past Boon Sin want to take a big revenge and hope that none of Ko's family have a happy ending.  In the process he used Tsui Sum and definitely had hurt her greatly.
  • Tsui Sum fell ill greatly and kept thinking that Boon Sin is cold heart leaving her in the street in the cold when she passed out. Which he didn't, Boon Sin turned around and sat on her hospital bedside humming a song to her. Later, Tsui Sum find out many things. All they food she had been cooking, Boon Sin ate it all even though he had gotten sick from eating the soy sauce food everyday. She also found out that Boon Sin was at her bedside watching her and also she found out that Boon Sin was the one who had given her the land for her to start the new Ka Fuk. 
Basically, Tsui Sum had fallen for him and slowly Boon Sin is falling for her. He felt so bad for hurting her and want her to be happy again. He did many things secretly hoping she wont find out and every time he try to make up some excuse just to see her. Now Tsui Sum hate him greatly and every time Boon Sin sees her, he yelled at her and treats her harshly. But inside he cares and loves her. I believe that these two relationship is pretty complicated and very touching. I really wonder what will happen when Niki's past reveals and when they found out that she is Milk Candy. It must be really emotional!! I think that Niki is Milk Candy, there were so many clues here and there. I really hope that she is!!

At first, I thought that Claire Yiu only cared about herself and her husband Ray Cho. But no, she cares about everyone in the family. I really like seeing the family bond it so heartwarming. Ray, Clarie, Vin, and Niki stick together and figure every thing out together. Its a loving brother-sisters bond. A very strong Bond. And I absolutely love seeing the brotherly bond between Raymond and Eric. It so funny and love seeing how Eric always make fun and tease Raymond. Eric is definitely one of my favorite supporting character xD Finally he is not portraying something evil!! I always thought that he had potential and such a great actor.

This is getting long so I'll continue my review when I'm done watching. Bye!

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