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Monday, January 30, 2012

Ladies Fashion

What did the Ladies wore to the 2011 TVB Awards Ceremony?

Below are my comments and points.

Dodo Cheng
I think the white dress really do complimented her. Her make-up was nicely done and I just think that her is okay. The dress is alright with those laces and with simple jewelries.

Liza Wang
Every year she always dress so funky. I like the color but not really a fan of the outfit. 

Kate Tsui
I really don't like her hair like that. Her dress is alright. I do like her simple make-up and simple jewelries. 

Linda Chung
I like the color and its a nice princess dress. Her jewelries is really simple and make-up matches well with the dress. The red lip really suit her nicely and like her simple hair. 
Myolie Wu
At first when I saw the dress I was like... But now looking at it the dress really suited her. I don't like her hair. The mermaid style dress really complimented her nice curves and the body. The make-up is really simple and light jewelries. 

Nancy Wu
I do not like her hair. But the color of the dress and the red lip stick really really complimented her skin. The lip stick looks really good with the white and looks nice on her. Not everyone can pull off a red red lipstick. 

Natalie Tong
Nice and simple hair with a light jewelry. The make-up is really light and the color of her dress is nice. I just thought the dress was alright. 

Fala Chen
Very simple this year. Know that she won't win the Best Actress. I like her look, the dress is alright but the color is nice. It matches really well on her. The hair and make-up is very very simple and light. Very simple look and she still look so stunning!!

Selena Li
Very stunning but not a fan of the dress nor the hair. The jewelries and make-up is nice. 

Sharon Chan
Of course she need to wear something short to show off her legs right? Her nomination is based on her role. Very long legs!! The dress is alright but I do think that is a bit too short. The jewelries is nice and everything else. 

Sire Ma
The hair I do not like. The pink and the dress actually make her look innocent and sweet. Maybe its the color and the stripes. But I thought the dress was just okay. 

Tavia Yeung
Really..Tavia was the most stunning that night. Her dress is just simple but I like the color and the details of it. Her hair is nice.. I think she looks nice with the side bangs. Her jewelries is nice and stunning. The dress, make-up, and the jewelries really really complimented her!! She is absolutely gorgeous!! Look at that beautiful smile. 

Okay, so these were the only actresses pictures I found. I'm pretty sure there were more other actresses but I couldn't get their pictures. All their make-up was really light this time!! All the actresses actually shone out in their own way but some really stood out that night!!

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