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Monday, February 6, 2012

Forensic Heroes III - overview

As you all may know that TVB 2011 wasn't a great year for me. I didn't like most of the series and I had only watch 7-8 series and I only like two series!! Those two series were "Only You" and "Forensic Heroes III" Many people had bashed "FH3" before even it came out that it will not be good because the cast had totally changed. Yes, at first I thought that. We all thought that you can't have a Forensic team with out Dr.Koo, Madam Leung, and Tim Sir. (Btw the original cast for FH1, Maggie Cheung was suppose to be in it. So it didn't matter if she had taken Charmaine role in FH3). But after you had seen FH3 all your thoughts will change!!

FH3 had bought many good cases although they are not the real cases that TVB usually use. And yes there might be some scientific information wrong. But really what ever. Series and dramas are for us to watch and be entertained. Those scriptwriters are not medical majors or scientist majors. They are scriptwriters so therefore they would get such things wrong. But these dramas are for us to watch and be relax; not for us to point out all the flaws.

Anyways, I was really really satisfied with Forensic Heroes 3 and I really enjoy the cases. Even though the cases were a bit boring and some were short. But it was some what still suspense and it still creep me out. I love the relationship between the casts and each department. They all have such great chemistry. Each episode wasn't draggy but the thing that kinda bother me was that each episode ended either with Wayne, Maggie, or the forensic teams giving us a bit of details to the next. I mean like what happen to the police team? One thing I didn't like was that the police team was a bit neglected. It wasn't like the first two, how the forensic and the police team work together and have the same screen time. This installment was mostly based on the forensic team..don't you think? I felt like the police team was just there to catch the people and stuff. But I still do enjoy watching the bond between the forensic and the police team. But there wasn't much.

The couples were definitely pretty cute!! My favorite couple were Edwin and Aimee!! They were so adorable and compatible. They always bicker but felt bad afterwards. Edwin always make fun of Aimee for being American. Aimee spoke so much English in the series, I felt like TVB want to show of her I was waiting for them to get together and these two couples were the ones that bring the laugh in the series. They are just soo cute. I cried SO hard at the end when Aimee died =\ Edwin did a great job in the last couple scenes and so did Aimee. Even Aimee had past, she still help them to figure out the very last case. This scene was really a shock to me..I really didn't expect her to be gone like that.

Ron and Kate is another pretty good couple hence they were paired many times. But this was the first time I had watch their pairing. I'm not a Kate's fan so I tend to skip her series. But I thought she did a nice job portraying Madam Ling. And as being the cop of the series, don't you guys agree that she is way to fashionable? lol...even though I'm not her fan, I got to admit that she was stunning and shone in the series. She was definitely a really pretty cop!! I really think that Kate played a more convincing cop then Charmaine did in the second installment.

Wayne and Nancy, at first I didn't think these two would work. But to my surprise they were pretty cute together. They got divorced due to different morals and the way how they each see things. Yes, each marriage has its ups and downs. And almost every couple comes around it but some just splits. Wayne didn't want a divorce but it was Nancy who wanted it. But we could see that Wayne definitely had no more feelings for her and he was with her for the sake of their daughter. He eventually or he had always like his partner? So at the end even though I felt bad for Nancy and she wanted him back, but I'm sorry girl you can't just come back and want your family back like that.

I felt like Maggie and Wayne might had like each other for so long but never realize it. Maybe it was because they know each other very well and they were best partners and Wayne was married. I was actually rooting for them!! They didn't have much love screen time than Nancy and Wayne did so we can see a lack of chemistry. But I thought their chemistry were actually better than Nancy and Wayne. I like how he always order Maggie her martini and the apple thing. Every time she gets to the bar she always have food right away. He always knows what she wants and what she needs. He was always there for her and they just never realize it. Just like what Ruco had said, "Mandy already have that someone in heart but she just didn't find that someone yet". Mandy and Wayne both ask the same question.."what if I/She never find it?" When Wayne said that, Ruco gave him a look and that was when Wayne realize he was there for her all along. Both Wayne and Maggie say the same stuff but no one ever notice but only Ruco would notice it. And during the case meetings, I love how only Maggie and Wayne know what they were talking about and kept going back and forth. While the rest are just sitting there and giving each other looks. Lol. That is why Mandy and Po Sir are great partner in crime. After seeing Maggie, I really can not picture Charmaine taking up this role. Maggie was really professional and a very convincing Forensic Pathologist. I don't think Charmaine would be a good choice and I'm pretty sure if she really take up the role, there would be more complaints.

Don't get me wrong that I'm bashing Charmaine, I like her and live watching her series. But we all know that who can be more convincing. This is getting way too long. But I also have to say one more thing..the little girl who plays Wayne's daughter is such an amazing child actress!! That girl knows how to act..just like little Jenny and Tiffany. I miss seeing them so much =\ Even though the series ended with a crime and seems like there would be a part 4. But sorry guys there won't be a part four.

Yes, watch it. Even though the storyline is completely different and stuff. But we all agree that the second installment wasn't as good. The third one is way better but than the second.
10/10 since its was a grand production series.

But do you guys even know what I Love this series So Much?? Nope right, you guys would have had know if you guys had read my post before it got deleted. *sigh* I'm still hard I'll try to make a similar one coming soon. So look out for that ;]

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