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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

foreverloveTVB's awards...

Starting this year, I'm going to start a 'foreverloveTVB's Awards.' 

Info about it:
  • It will be after TVB's award ceremony.
  • It will consist of: Best Actor and Actress, Most improve, Favorite Character, Best Couple, Best Series, Best themesong, and Best Supporting oh and Best Dress to TVB's award ceremony (both male and female).
  • It will be my 100% thoughts - that mean I will not be bias to any artistes. 
  • Each will have a top 5 and I'll chose from those five. 
I think this will be quite interesting!! I'm still going to do yearly overviews and TVB award predictions and comments. Oh and I know that I would be skipping some series, I'll probably list them as 'skipped', but I'll try to watch most of the series!!

*sigh* Let see how well this would go! :P 

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