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Monday, March 5, 2012

Thoughts So Far..[The Hippocratic Crush]

  • At first when TVB announced that HP will be filmed, I was just like what ever. I didn't care about it. I was still in that state of disappointment with TVB.
  • There was really nothing to watch so I decided to watch episode one. Episode one had left me with an face of =O Verbally it had left me with a 'wow.' Am I watching TVB or am I watching something else? I really think that this series will be promising and I hope it will continue to do this well.
  • After episode one I can't wait till the next episode. Now I finish with episode 15 and I want the next episodes!!
  • I don't think I can clearly describe my feelings and thoughts for HP just yet because we are not done watching.
  • It's 15 episodes in and we still do not have the love relationship with Kenneth and Tavia yet!! Grrr...I'm pretty sure this is what keeping us so anticipated.
  • I really have to give Kudos to Him Law!! He is just too Adorbs and ughhh why is he so cute!!! I love how he admit his feelings to Tavia, but too bad it was at the wrong time!! Tavia doesn't like Him and only thought of him as a younger brother. Even after getting rejected, Him still stick around Tavia and helping her to pursue Kenneth. I thought that was really cute. Every time he always gives in to Tavia and after each time he will get all upset, but he does it all over again.  Ahhh...he is so adorable!! Is there even this kind of guy exists in the real world now a days?
  • In the very first few episodes, there were so many misunderstandings. They all thought that Yat Kin Tou like to suck up to his mentor (which is Tavia's father), like helping the rich, and like to get fame. He works so hard because of many things that had happen in the past. What had happen in the past had shaped him into what he is today. Slowly as each episodes passes, each misunderstanding were cleared. We all find out what was the reason why he became a doctor and why he had chose to become a Neurosurgeon Specialist. The cause of his brothers being paralyzed from the waist down was because of the naive young Yat Kin. He was the one who had caused his brother disability and that made him to become a doctor. He also took this route to become a Neurosurgeon was because his mentor was the one who had Saved his family. In the beginning, all Yat Kin thought about was to help save and cure the patient. He didn't think about the consequences and did not follow the rules. Which later had got him suspended for doing surgery for half the year. This had cause all his friends and family worried about him. But Yat Kin just pulled it off like nothing. After doing Clinical work, this is when he realize what really the meaning of becoming a doctor. Yat Kin finally had learned a valuable lesson and developed the love for all his patients. Btw, I think the wardrobe did a nice job on him ;]
  • I really like Tavia in HP. She is one of those strong, sophisticated, powerful woman. Where she doesn't need help from anyone. I really like her wardrobe as well. It really fits her and she is definitely really gorgeous in the show. And the best of all she look really really professorial. I really think she pulls of her doctor role really well.
  • Next..ughh. I had ship Tavia and Kenneth from the first episode and I will continue to ship them to the very end. They are so compatible together and are So Adorable together!! Too Cute xD I can't wait till they finally get together.
  • The scene where they had dinner together was really embarrassing!! The first thing pop into my head was awkward... I had to pause the video and let myself breath first!! LOL. I really admire her bravery. She really had so much courage to admit her feelings to him and but she got rejected. I am still thinking about that scene for couples of days already, and it is still playing in my head. I really can't believe how embarrassing it was. I felt the embarrassment and the awkwardness for them. But I got to give Kudos to Tavia to bravely admit her feelings like that. And Double Kudos for both of their pointless and awkward expressions. The both of them really did really well in that scene. They had give off that awkward and embarrassed and like dot dot dot face all under 60 seconds. Especially Tavia, she had went from happy to really happy, to kiddie happy, to dot dot dot, to what-I-just-did face all at once. But of course I LOLED at them!! I really like that scene =] Its so
  • Next another points added for such an amazing theme song. The theme song is SO good and just add another reason to watch the series!!
  • Oh and I like how Kenneth just so naturally pulls Tavia behind him during a scary situation. Once at the hospital with that grandpa and second at her Friends house with that crazy husband.
Well I guess this is it bye.

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