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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Battle of the Senses [thoughts]...

Battle of the Senses (五覺大戰) is one of TVB's Variety Show.  A game show that they invite artistes to participate in games. Battle of the senses is host by King Kong, Chin Ka Lok, and Timmy Hung. It is broadcast on Sunday's at 9pm.

My thoughts so far....

I actually really do not have much to say about the show. Aside from being funny and silly. Anyways, my favorite part of the show was the Black Room. Apparently, they only sent one female player from each group to enter a black room. The room is really dark and each player said the same thing when they first enter, "wah, its so dark." And in the room, either King Kong or Timmy will be waiting for them to guide them through. To make it scarier for them, they actually hang some furry/fluffy toys from the ceiling down, so when the girls walk through it they would scream and jump. To even make the atmosphere more interesting, King Kong or Timmy would scream along with them lol. Anyways, in the room there is three containers that are fill with different items. The shortest amount of time the player can guess what is in the three containers win. But, the shortest is always over one minute and something seconds. But, it would always take long because they were scare. I believe that they only send the girls into the black room because it would be funnier? I don't know..hahaha. The girl would scream so loud and they would scare themselves as they do not know whats in the container. The hosts would put anything in the container and is actually pretty fun to watch. The third container happens to always be a human (pretty scary in a dark room.)  The first two containers will either be something that's alive or not and it is always cold, wet, or dry. (It would be an item, fish, snake, shrimp, lobster, food, etc.) The third one is alive and warm (Human.) It is pretty good that so far nothing in the three containers is warm, alive, and has fur on it yet. Or else it would be really creepy. Imagine they put a rat in there... =O  

The episode that I found the funniest was episode One where Sharon was sent to enter the room. By the third container she got so scare and was like, *touch* *screams* "why is this so warm? what is this...wait, *screams* is this a head? It's bald and has a face and there's a mustache and blah blah blah." LOL it was King Kong's head. In other episodes were either King Kong or Timmy's foot. lol

Basically, I thought Battle of the Senses is pretty funny to watch and it reminded me of Super Trio which I enjoyed so much. Give it a try =] and I especially just love the black

P.s. even though I enjoy watching the black room, I think its kinda mean to have the girls enter that room. =P I really wonder what they felt afterwards? lol.

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