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Sunday, June 17, 2012

News Update: Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok "old lovers" exposes the past relationship

Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok were the classic on-screen couple of 1997. From 1995-1997, Michael and Kenix started their fate from the 100 episode Detective Investigation Files (DIF I,II&III) franchise. Earlier when "Dai Yung" Michael met "Ko Jit" Kenix again at Timmy Hung's wedding, he posted their photo on Weibo and made a large group of fans reminiscing on this golden pair. This pair of "old lovers", exposed back then, they were just one step away from developing a relationship. Kenix joked Michael wasn't proactive enough.

M: Michael Tao
K: Kenix Kwok

Latest photo together madly circulated online

M: Seeing you again after so many years, you're still so pretty and now there is even an additional maturity piece in you! We met again at Timmy's wedding, very surprising!

K: You haven't changed either, still optimistic with a wide smile! In fact, last time we had pictures together were just requests from the media and with all the fans discussing, it madly circulated! Back then when I was shooting the DIF franchise, I was a newcomer, and this series was also the turning point in my career!

M: A white piece of paper can absorb the most! Your portrayal of "Ko Jit" was very natural!

K: Actually my debut Glittering Moments was with you too. I gave my first time to you! Then, we had three seasons of DIF together. The first one I was the foolish one and the second was the one a lot of audience demanded for a redo because at the time, people were unhappy after watching the ending and sent complaint letters to K-100. At the time, producer Poon Ka Tak especially came up with the ending...he wrote that I lost my memory and had to leave. At the airport, "Ko Jit" turns around and stares at "Dai Yung".....then it ends there. Audience were heartbroken!

M: The producer is very clever, with that kind of ending, then they can make a third installment! On the third season, we went to Beijing to shoot. I remember it was miserable for you...vomiting and diarrhea! At the time, the temperatures were some 10 degrees below zero. You had to do two roles too, every scene had you in it! I felt bad for you, but I couldn't do anything to help.

K: You helped me stop the vomitting and diarrhea! I remember one morning, you had to go for outdoor shooting, but I was still having diarrhea, you knocked on my door and asked me if I'm still feeling unwell...but, I still made it through.

M: All that difficulty is worth it. Ten years later, when you're back working in Mainland, many people still remember "Dai Yung" and "Ko Jit", the classic couple!

Classic on-screen couple, rare they match so well

K: We are definitely a classic couple, you're my classic partner! Our type of 'match', it's not just beautiful people, actually there are a lot of beautiful people in this industry, but there aren't many that match really well. You and I pairing up was really well-received! My first impression on you, I already had that feel, that big brother feel because you were really patient to teach me. That is what's called a big star!

M: Big star? Are you serious? I think I was more like stupid back then!

K: How could that be? You have already been in the industry for some time and you are the most memorable male co-star I had. You simply grew up with me!

M: I've been through the "white paper" times too, but Kenix, you are very smart, digested fast and have strong ability for competition. You are a person without a temper! One time, you cried in front of me and I know you're not a person that can easily cry. This just proves you trust me!

K: Yes! I'm very stubborn! I remember back then when I was accused of tardiness, actually I would admit if I'm wrong. But that time, it is when our relationship deepened.

M: Many people asked, we see each other day and night, will there be 'sparks'?

K: Technically, yes! Haha.... I still remember we had rumors too, since we were an on-screen couple, and that time neither of us were married, but after all we didn't spark. I think because, at the time, I was too focused on work and busy studying the script. I didn't even have the time to fix my makeup, so I wasn't aware of this great man besides me, and missed out! But, I guess you did daydream about me right?

After Movie Date, No Development

M: When you were still 'crispy', how can I not daydream about you! Perhaps we were both too busy, and didn't get to take it a step further. Maybe we were just missing that one step!

K: We just missed that one little bit....but, in my memory we met up for the movies! When we were shooting Glittering Moments, we watched Jurassic Park! That time, I asked you out...why did you agree to go?

M: If nothing special, I usually agree! Going to the movies doesn't mean much, we just watch the movie and say Bye Bye, that's it! But I remember when we were shooting Shine on You, there was one kitchen scene, I asked you, back then (referring to the DIF period), if I courted you, what do you think would have happened?

K: I remember too.... when shooting DIF, you asked me that same question, but at the time I was dating Frankie Lam and we weren't public yet, I remember you still asked me, if Frankie didn't appear, would you have had a chance?

M: How did you reply then?

K: I said: "I don't know?" But in the end, you didn't pursue me, that means you didn't fight for the chance! You know what my personality is like, we are both the same. If we were together, it would be like Mars hitting Earth (not get along). If we really did get together, I believe we wouldn't end happily!

M: Today we have this harmonious relationship, proves that my decision back then was corrrect. Otherwise, we may be on bad terms now! Nowadays when we meet again, we can think of our past struggles together, our 'best partnership' award together, these are beautiful memories!

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum
Thoughts: Ahhh My Favorite all time Golden Couple!! =D I miss them and hope that one day they will film a series again. =] Hmm...never know, if Michael did put up the courage and ask her, maybe they will be a couple today. Maybe they will work out, even though they said they wouldn't. But, I'm pretty sure they will definitely be a great couple today. But I guess this is call fate and for them to move on and stay as friends. =]  So happy to see that they both did an interview together ;] 

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