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Friday, June 8, 2012

Come Home Love

Title: Come Home Love
Chinese Title: 愛●回家 (Oi●Whui Ka)
Cast: Lau Dan, Chris Lai, Queenie Chu, Tsui Wing, Florence Kwok, Yvonne Lam, Angel Chiang, Joey Law, Carlos Ng, etc.
Episodes: 180
Broadcast: 5/14/2012 - [Sitcom] 
Genre: Modern/Family/ComedyProducer: Tsui Yu On
Theme: Love Hug (擁抱愛) Joyce Cheng

MA FU (Lau Tan) , Correctional Services officer, moves in with his sons after retirement. FU treats his family members like prisoners without himself realizing it. To MA CHONG (Lai Lok Yi), his youngest son, home is no different to prison.

The relationship between the father and son gets tense as FU starts to meddle in CHONG’s job with a law firm. MA KEUNG (Tsui Wing), FU’s second son, and LO LAI-SHEUNG (Lam Yi Kei), his wife, not only have to mediate between FU and CHONG but also bring up the two children left behind by KEUNG’s elder brother. Also lives under the same roof is FU’s wacky sister, MA YAU (Florence Kwok). The differences in experiences and values among the three generations give rise to all kinds of misunderstandings. At the end of the day, what can patch the gap among the members of this seemingly harmonious family?

Synopsis Credit to K-TVB

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