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Monday, July 9, 2012

Thougts So Far... [Witness Insecurity] 2

Okay I just have to put this up. When was the last time I fangirl over a series? And when was the last time was I a bit too obsess with a series? Hehehe.. for me to be obsess and fangirl over a series I would search up what will happen next episode and look deep into the series information. Like I would go on to other TVB blogs and asianfanatics forum to look at information. But I have come to an decision that I am putting WI on hold and watch all in one shot!!

And yes I had develop a new couple to ship and that is Boda!! hmm..they are pretty cute and especially the scene in episode 4 and this is what this post is about lol. Okay I'll stop rambling and get to the point.

Okay so basically this scene I fangirl over!! She finally looked at him!! LOL but I have to say Linda was a bit awkward and all her awkward movements. But its alright. And of course Bosco's smile at the good looking was that smile? hehehe...this scene made me smile!! And and of course Bosco's face expressions.. she finally talked to me!! Lol. okay anyway I was thinking about this scene for these couple days. Ahh the beauty of this scene is success. Who ever edited this scene I need to give kudos for. It was the editing made this scene pop. The music in the background and the sunset capture this moment beautifully. Hehehe..okay bye.

Btw..I'm still obsessed over this scene and I can't quite describe my feelings. Hmm maybe the next post or a the over view I'll go into detail? Ehh..I'm not sure.

screencaps credits to Kate Lau@tumblr

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Unknown said...

I love that scene too. I finished the drama last nite. Its quite sad though, I thought its going to be like happy ending and stuff :(( love Boda still!! <3