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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Witness Insecurity

Title: Witness Insecurity
Chinese Title: 護花危情 ()
Cast: Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Paul Chun, Ram Tsueng, Lee Kwok Lun, Ronald Law, Cilla Lok, Queenie Chu, Savio Tsang, Eric Li, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 7/2/2012-7/27/2012
Genre: Modern/Romance/Action
Producer: Lau Ka Ho 
Theme: The Most Blissful Thing (最幸福的事) Linda Chung

Witness Protection Unit (WPU) inspector HUI WAI KIT (Bosco Wong) was ordered to protect the city's wealthy businessman KUI KWONG SAN's (Paul Chun) daughter KUI CHI LAM (Linda Chung), unfolding their destiny! LAM has an isolated and strange personality, where she's trapped in her own world. When KIT comes into her life, she started opening up and developed feelings for KIT. She didn't care about her father's opposition and took the initiative to pursue him! When SAN saw his daughter more outgoing and taking initiative, he started changing his views. However, a 30 some year enemy LAI SUE FUNG (Joesph Lee Kwok Lun) suddenly comes back and drove everyone nuts. KIT discovers a secret between FUNG and the KIU brothers, which left KIT in a dilemma as he struggles to find a balance between justice and love...

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miriamfanz said...

Good first and last few eps. Skip the middle parts with just Bosco and Linda and her jealous dad. And skip the last 5 minutes too. That will help keep your blood pressure down. Overall, this really could have been better. Anyone interested can read a full review at