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Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts So Far... [Ghetto Justice II]

I Started on Ghetto Justice II and I think that it isn't that bad. It's watchable, but I have to say there was definitely no need to rush to air GJ2. It wasn't necessary for TVB to cut the extra eight episodes of Witness Insecurity to air Ghetto Justice 2. But anyways, I'll get into more details of my thoughts in the next post.

For this post I just want to say a quick update thoughts.

Just want to say Thanks to Lynne for teaching me how to make screencaps :)
 In that particular scene, Myolie was at Christine's new apartment and they were talking about their boyfriends. Little did they know, they were talking about the same guy. Myolie was saying that her boyfriend is very nice to her..etc and Christine said how he had left and she is still waiting for him.

I actually started to LOLed at this part. Bahhaha... I know I know, I shouldn't be laughing. Anyways, Myolie then said how Christine shouldn't wait for him and that he is not loyal etc. I started laughing again and said, "He is your boyfriend that you just bad mouth." (well of course to the screen and myself.) lol.

Myolie was really nice to Christine, she was the one that introduce this apartment to her and apparently is across the hall to Kevin's. She kept telling Kevin to come and meet Christine and stuff, but the whole time I was thinking "Oh no Myolie. Stop stop stop. You just bought your boyfriend's wife/girlfriend (ex or no ex?) closer to Kevin and into a big hole. What are you doing?"

Now in this scene, Kevin and Myolie went to Church and pray for the little girl recovery. Out in the streets, they were fooling around and bam - there is Christine witnessing everything. Oh boy, isn't this lovely. Christine then ran off and took someones car and that someone was King Kong. (Is he going to be in the series or was he just in it for that second?) She just got into his car and drove off and kept speeding down the road. A truck was coming towards her and Christine quickly swerve to the side and bam - the car flipped over. I didn't expect that now did I? But, she's alright and this brings us to the next scene - the Hospital. 

Now here is the problem =P Myolie and Kevin waited outside Christine's ward while the doctor operates on her. Finally, the doctor came out and they ask how's Christine and he told them. Kevin then told Myolie to go home first since she has court tomorrow. Myolie went home and she start to get all these thoughts, wondering if Kevin was the boyfriend. Now Kevin, Christine, and Myolie are in a mess. But, Christine had told Kevin not to tell Myolie about their past and Kevin agree. When Kevin got home later that night, Myolie ask him about it. Kevin told Myolie the story about Christine's "boyfriend/husband" and of course I started laughing because Kevin was talking about himself in third person, so he is basically talking about his "friend." He said that he was the one that introduce his "friend" to Christine and stuff. Myolie then started laughing because she was worry that Kevin was Christine's husband. I started laughing again and goes, "Oh Myolie, you're so naive..he is her husband -.-" Oh boy, I wonder what will happen later on? 


anon said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that Witness Insecurity was always only 20 episodes. All the producers and stars verified that it was never 30 episodes and no episodes were cut.

miriamfanz said...

This ex-wife story is wasting screen time.

Lynne said...

This love triangle isn't annoying as I initially thought it would be, since Christine was willing to "try" and let go. I actually feel kind of sorry for her on the later episodes where Kevin was all over Myolie in Christine's house.

As for your comment about Myolie being naive, true...but I don't know, I think trusting is a better word x) Haha so many relationships can fail because of mistrust and being too suspicious, so I liked how Myolie trusted Kevin so much :) haha

foreverlovetvb said...

@anon - Really? Oh bad

@miriamfanz - lol...hmm, I think so too. Cause I don't know why they bought Christine into it? Maybe TVB want to spice somethings up? hahaha

@lynne - hmm.. I think its alright, but I'm not too fond of it either =P like I really don't care about it, but then I also want to see how it all unfolds later. I know I know..I'm so weird >< Hmm..yes, I think trust is better word as well..hahahaha...thanks =) yes I guess and yes Myolie trusted Kevin so much...I really wonders how Myolie will act when she finds out =\