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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't Leave Me [New Fanfic]

Yes, I made another new fanfic ^^ I don't know why, but I just want to make a new story. But this story won't be long its going to be short and simple! At first I was plan to make it one shot, but I thought it over and now I decided it will either be five to ten chapters. Hehehe...

Anyways, the story is call Don't Leave Me and it will starred Myolie and Bosco.

I made the poster myself :'D I feel proud..LOL. I know its still not good, but I really liked how it came out! Next time, I'll just stick with those sites that makes fanfic

Anyways, here is the story so far...

"Living my own life miserably; you appeared in my life and gave me happiness"
"You gave me warmth, love, and security"
"Meeting you and being with you was the best choice I had made. Thank You for being here with me. I Love You..."
"Promise me, Don't leave me..."
Leading Cast:
Bosco Wong
Myolie Wu
A Wealthy Billionaire of Hong Kong. A CEO of Wong and Wong Corporation. The only son of the family. Bosco Wong take cares of the company as his parents travels the world. Lives in a huge mansion with his two younger sisters and grandma.
On the opposite side of town...
Strong on the outside, but weak on the inside. An ordinary girl lives in a small apartment home with her two younger sisters and a grandma that is handicapped. Myolie took care most of the house work, family expenses, and taking care of her family. She has a father that's rarely ever home and a mother that had left her when she was ten years old.

Read more at -- Don't Leave Me

See you there ;]

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