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Monday, September 3, 2012

EternityBT needs your help!

Like and interested in Blogging? A fan of either Bernice Liu or Tavia Yeung? Or just simply like them both? Come and apply and join us now!! EternityBT is recruiting now and we need as much help as needed!! Email me at 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for...

We'll need you guys to translate what ever news, weibo updates, or anything related from Chinese into English. Apparently, yes..I do lack in Chinese myself and I couldn't really read it. And there are fans that speaks English more and I do want to keep the fans updated with the information!! What you'll do is, translate all the news, weibo updates, and anything else related. Then you guys would email me the posts and I'll update it up. Of course, it will be sign off with your name so you guys will definitely get the credit. And don't worry, I won't be changing anything. Whatever and how ever you guys had written that report I'll put it up the way it is!

I'll need help in running this place!! Your job is to updates posts on the two artists! You can be creative with your posts; example like, their daily updated behind the scenes pictures, fashions from awards, news, videos, etc. Anything, basically what you'll see in a normal blog and what the author would post. Like what I'm doing! And yes, once you're recruited, I'll definitely add you as an blog author!! But, one thing I'll ask is to let me see what you guys had wrote first! :)

And of course, you guys can update anytime you want! I know that we are all busy with our lives and can't just sit in front of the computer trying to search up news and stuff and blog. So when ever you guys feel like posting.. go ahead! ^^

You guys would need to know the information of what Bernice and Tavia is up to. What are they doing lately? Is there any events or promotions that they are attending? Where is it and when is it? What series will be airing soon? What series will they be doing next or what they will be doing next? Anything along those lines. The information must be reliable and must be true!! Where you get the information, hope that site is reliable! We do not want to give false information to the fans.You will email me the information and I'll updated. Don't worry, you are definitely credited!! ;]

Your job would be making graphics! Anyone that is interested in playing with photoshop!! From time to time, I would like you guys to make headers, banners, and layouts to change the blog with!! You guys can go as creative as you like!! And no, I would not be telling you that you have to make the new header by today or would I be demanding you guys to make or change the layout!! I won't be asking that at all. You are free to when ever you guys like to make it!! You guys can do it whenever you guys like and I won't rush you guys at all!! You guys can definitely do any graphics you want!! When you guys make the design, please signature it off with EternityBT and your name both with 11-12 points font. I'm asking you guys to sign it off with your name because it is definitely credited to you!! Email me for me to confirm it before you guys officially sign it off and finalize it! And after that, email the confirm graphic and I'll post it. Oh and please that your graphics must have both Bernice and Tavia as this is their blog!!

Apply with:
-Your Name
-Position (ex: co-author, graphic, translator, scheduler. If you apply for graphics, translators. Please be specific as in what kind of stuff you'll translate and what graphic you'll design.)
-And for each positions you guys will be submitting an example.

  • Co-Author - please send an example post that you will post if you are recruited. 
  • Graphics - please send an example graphic 
  • Scheduler - please send an information of updated event from both Bernice and Tavia. Must be reliable!
  • Translator - please translate this: 
楊怡與羅仲謙這對情侶被指「好事近」派喜餅,為無綫劇《仁心解碼2》開工的楊怡大耍太極稱中秋節派月餅則冇問題,但又與謙仔隔空傳情生日禮物要心又要金: 「我都30幾歲,結婚好正常,(周刊話你貼樓嫁?)報道錯晒!層樓我買畀阿媽,指謙仔食軟飯真係好肉酸,(恨收婚戒?)係收咗戒指,但係最好o既女朋友 送!(生日點慶祝?)冇,都要做嘢,(想收咩禮物?)冇呀……是但啦!心意就得,但都想要錢囉!」 


問到酬勞若干,廖碧兒謂很滿意,又表示工作最重要是有新鮮感。最近盛傳TVB有意與她續長約,但快將約滿的她卻不肯接受,最終決定雪藏她。她十分愕然,並 表示自己還有很多年合約,不明為何有此傳聞,公司亦沒有說過什麼。她的助手就解釋TVB只想她拍畢劇集後暫時休息,之後仍有大把工作。碧兒亦表明心跡說: 「我不會轉公司,現在做得很開心。」她認為工作有發揮,沒有不滿....

The one from Bernice is just part of it and its an old news.

Please email it all to 

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