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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thoughts So Far... [High and Lows]

This is just going to be a small simple thoughts on Raymond and Kate in High and Lows. Okay, its not going to be on their performance; its just going to be real short on their chemistry.

Okay, am I the only that is rooting for Raymond and Kate?

Before the series had even started; I was rooting for Ella and Raymond, but nope, once episode one was had shifted to Raymond and Kate!! Gahhh, I can't express how much I love Raymond and Kate right now. How come this couple never come across my mind >< they are so adorbs in the series and I can't wait to watch more, but I can't =[ I'll have to wait till my exams are over. Wahhh...I don't want too!! Oh, and I heard spoilers between this couple I hope its not true or else I'm going to hurt TVB so badly!! I am so serious!! Like, you guys have no idea how obsess I am with this couple right now. My obsession with this couple is more than Bosco and Linda. Thinking back to it (even though I still haven't finish WI) I thought Bosco and Linda is cute, but just alright. I'm not that crazy with them anymore, like no more shipping feel anymore. Ya know? Like I will support them as a couple again, but not like OMG!! It's just okay now.

But, for Raymond and Kate..Holy I can't express how obsess I am with them!! ><

My two favorite scenes (there is obviously more but..)

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