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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Banner + Layout

Changed my banner and layout again. 
Hehehe... yea okay the layout colors are basically almost the same. 
But its just the placing a bit different. I thought the other one was a bit sloppy.
I think this one is a bit better? Hahaha... hope so. 

Anyways, Valentine's day is coming up and so I decided to change the banner. 
Decided to ft. Boscolie because I dearly miss them together! 
And I also read that Myolie admitted that she had got a new pursuer =\ and also want a Boyfriend. 
So I thought why not feature it on our beloved Boscolie! 

It was a bittersweet moment and my heart definitely drop a bit reading those news. 
Pretty sure it was the same for you all right? 
I actually first saw it on twitter and of course had commented. 
Although, Myolie has a new pursuer doesn't mean Boscolie can't happen again! 
As long neither of them is marry then they still have a chance! 
Bosco hurry up!! 

"Although, we had separated, memories of the days we had spent together filled my head.
Our precious memories will never be forgotten.
I'm thankful we can stay as Best Friends.
I do hope that you can put me aside and don't linger over our memories anymore.
And to stand back up to find love & happiness.
But, eventhough, deep inside I miss you so much and 
I do hope that one day we can be in Each Other Arms Again....
I'll Love You Forever & Always...
~~My First Love, My True Love,
My Soulmate~~"

I do hope that one day Boscolie will reconcile and finally get marry! 
Just like Andy and Sammy and the newlyweds Ekin and Yoyo Mung! 
And hope that they will become the next: Anita & Chilam, Michael Miu & Jamie Chik, 
Frankie & Kenix, Nick & Esther and ETC...

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