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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Random Thoughts... [Come Home Love]

I was on Spring Break and didn't have anything to do. My sister recommended me to watch Come Home Love cause she said this series brings you a lot of homey feel to it. And since I'm not really in the mood of watching the other series, I decided to watch it. Since this was just a sitcom, its only 30 min and I actually like that. It doesn't drag out and each episode is refreshing kind of because most of them it doesn't connect. Its like a brand new story for each

Anyways, I decided to watch it and I just randomly click on an episode and it was ep 180 I believed. Well, I have to agree, Come Home Love really does bring you that homey feel. The feeling of a very warm family that does everything together! Actually, one reason I was watching it cause I want the two lead to get together already! They are dragging their storyline and its making me sad! When will Alex (Queenie Chu) and John (Chris Lai) get together!!

And this scene makes my heart drop. Like I seriously feel that broken heart..Lol.
So in this scene, John and his old lover Ching Ching (Oceane Zhu) got back together and Alex was a bit upset. Ching Ching and John broke up in the first place was because John used to be in the Police Academy before he became a paralegal. He got kicked out of the academy because he sold his police gun to help Ching Ching's brother gambling debt. Her father got really mad and kicked him out and over all these years, they all found out the truth and her father let them to be together again. But, on the other hand, Alex and John had shared and went through a lot as well and now seeing how loving Ching Ching and John is, Alex is a bit down.

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Anonymous said...

you have the same thought with me lol. I really hurt when i watched this scene. Queenie chu and Chris are really beautiful together as well as good actors.