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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Awfully Lawful

Title: Awfully Lawful
Previous Title: Arrogance of Justice
Chinese Title:  熟男有惑 (Suk Nam Yau Wak)
Cast: Roger Kwok, Sharon Chan, Selena Li, Johnson Lee, Joyce Tang, Raymond Cho, Grace Wong, Pal Shin, etc
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 6/17/2013 - 7/12/2013
Genre: Modern/Law
Producer: Lam Chi Wai
Theme: Semi Matured Men (半生熟男) Johnson Lee, Roger Kwok, Pal Shin, Raymond Cho


SHING MING (Raymond Cho) and JAZZ NAM (Pal Sinn) are both partners of a law firm, and they recruit LO SO (Kwok Chun On) and YU DOR-CHUN (Johnson Lee) as lawyers to work for them.
Though the four have distinct personalities, they have a deep-seated bond between each other.   With their names becoming well-known across the industry as Top 4 mature men demonstrating distinctive images, each claims victory in lawsuits by any means necessary, winning admiration and support from most of their female clients.  Unfortunately, someone embezzles public funds and puts the law firm in a crisis.  Four new female lawyers from different backgrounds join the law firm, developing a world-shaking change within the firm.  They are LO SO’s archrival KU KA-YING (Sharon Chan), DOR-CHUN’s wealthy wife CHUNG LAI-SA (Selena Li), housewife KU KA-TING (Joyce Tang) on behalf of her husband, and Barrister YAU MAT (Grace Wong), who gets entangled with both JAZZ and DOR-CHUN.  While their tumultuous workplace and personal relationships  have worsened, they find out someone is manipulating from within the law firm……

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