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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Golden Fadans

Throughout my years of watching TVB, I've came across a few fadans. I definitely do not know any big fadans from the 80s and not all from the 90s. I only knew a few fadans from growing up and I've enjoyed their performance. I really do hope that one day I will get to see them on screen again. Also correct me if they are not from the 90s?

This post is called the "Golden Fadans" because I want to categories all the past fadans that I had watched growing up and liked. The Dong Ka FaDans won't be in this post, but will be in a separate post. I think the Dong Ka Fadans are: Kenix, Jessica, Maggie Cheung, Ada, Esther, and Flora right? Hahaha.. that's what I've been following all this time and I guess they will be my Dong Kas! Okay, lets get started with this post.

The first fadan I want to introduce is Joyce Tang! From my memories clearly, I think my first series of her was from "Arm Reaction I". I really enjoyed the Arm Reaction series until they changed the cast LOL. But nothingness, I still enjoyed the other installment (was it the last installment that was different lead?) I really really enjoyed watching Joyce and thought that acting was natural and smooth. She's been with TVB for so many years and has been leading, but after she return from leaving TVB, her screen time were reduced and got pushed back as supporting. That is a pity, but still I get happy when her series gets aired, although, she's not the lead anymore.

Next of course, Gigi Lai, one of my favorite! She is absolutely amazing and loved her acting! It's all natural right there and her tears and crying scenes, perfect! Nail it all! I just love her so much and I of course miss watching her! I hope that one day she will return back onto the screen. I don't remember what was my first series of her, but I do remember her character and performance from "The Dance of Passion." Her performance there were amazing and beautifully done. It was perfect and I think that year was when I launched foreverloveTVB. I was obsessed with TVB that year...hahaha!

Melissa Ng..ah.. of course I love love love her! Where would I be without jk. But I seriously miss her so much! The last series I saw of her was "The Master of Tai Chi." She got pregnant and left the screen. I hope she will make a come back too! She is amazing and just beautiful! Saw her news around the other time and yep, she still stunning!

Charmaine Sheh, I don't know what was the first series and don't remember her last TVB series I saw either. Hahaa.. I think the last was "My Sister of Eternal Flowers" but not so sure. Her most memorable series to me was "Perish in the Name of Love" her character and chemistry with Steven Ma was amazing. Charmaine Sheh is one of the best actress that can handle any scenes and type. She is truly a Big Sister and Best Actress. I felt that no one really fits her place after she left TVB, but the five fadans today were great in their own ways!    

Sonija Kwok, one of the prettiest fadans in TVB! I know she is still in showbiz, but I am putting her here because I felt that she stays home more now. She is still very stunning and one of the last Miss Hong Kong that won Miss Chinese International so far. No one had succeed her yet! The one that won all the awards home during her MHK and MCI years! Amazing and Wonderful, also I heard from others that saw her in person, they all compliment that she is definitely very beautiful and stunning! I really love watching Sonija and I know that she share a great bond with Steven Ma. And of course, their chemistry are spontaneous!  I love watching them as a pair, they give off so much chemistry and it just melts!! Haha. I'm remember her character in "Perish in the Name of Love" she plays Charmaine older spoiled sister. I'm not sure if that was the first series I saw her in? But I think it is! Her ancient look is beautiful!

Michelle Yip is one of the best actress that I love! She is very pretty and her ancient look are stunning. I truly do miss seeing her on TV screen and hope that one day she'll film a TV drama again! I know that she went off to the big screen and is doing so well, I am happy for her! I remember her performance in the "Triumph in the Sky I." As a newcomer, I thought that she did well and couldn't wait for her other series. But as time went by, she got famous and went off to the big screen. I think that was the first series I saw of her! And yes, I think she was the only MCI winner from New York, no one had succeeded her yet. I thought Fala did, but Fala came second. 

This post is getting long so I'm going to stop here. Don't get me wrong, all the fadans that are listed here so far all have their own strength and power in there acting! All of them are amazing and big sisters! I'll be back with part two of The Golden Fadans! Stay tune ;]

p.s. I think I will have a fully recognitions post of the fadans

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