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Friday, June 13, 2014


Oh hey everyone! I know I know.. 
I am so sorry for my disappearance! 
Since its the summer, I will try my best to update and post. 
Its not really that guarantee because I am looking for a summer job 
and I don't know how much of that will take up my summer. 
I am so sorry guys :( 
 But honestly, I do miss TVB blogging word!! 

I missed out on a lot of dramas and shows this year and to be honest, 
I kinda lost interest watching TVB. And I completely forgot about my blog. 
Although, I do miss blogging. 
But since school is out, I did pick up one drama and I already finished watching it. 
I finished Swipe Tap Love and I will have an review for that. 
There are many series that I kinda want to watch, but at the same I don't. 

But yea, I'll see what happen next. I kinda did start on Never Dance Alone
But I'm not so sure if I want to continue because I really did lost interest of TVB :( 
Sigh and I get really lazy to watch any thing. But I'll see what happens I guess. 

Yea talk to you guys soon! 
Much Love 
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Rachel said...

glad to see yu're back and doing well!! :) looking forward to reading your posts. i''ve also just started Never Dance Alone find it entertaining, but honestly my interest in TVB dramas has also declined...but hope there will be an improvement in their series soon! i have some hope for Ultimate Addiction haha