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Monday, July 28, 2014

Thoughts So Far... [Come Home Love] continuation

This is the continuation to my thought so far of Come Home Love, which you can read it here. I didn't want to make that first post too long so I split it in half. For this section, it's not really thoughts anymore, but more of a comment, a rant.

I want to talk about my second favorite pairing following after John and Alex, Ma Yau Angel (Florence Kwok) and Leung Fan (Carlo Ng). They were my second favorite couple and clearly it is stated that they will become a pair in this sitcom. I was so excited when they finally dated and was about to get marry. But I forgot what was the reason and so they broke up. I was super upset when they did and I do hope that later in the future episodes they will get back together. On the cover poster and beginning song, it clearly states that they are a couple. I really do hope that Angel do not get marry with Ah Wik (Kenny Wong). I know that they are already planning the wedding and everything. But I do hope that they stop the wedding and that Leung Fan and Angel will get together!

Another rumor I read is that Gem (Kaity Tung) will start to have feelings for Leung Fan and they will be together? OMG PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE!! Once again, I will stop watching if its true! Cause I really hope for Angel and Leung Fan!! Please! 

But yes, like I said overall its pretty cute sitcom so far. And its one of the sitcom that I actually watched from the beginning and hopefully to the end. I don't remember when was the last time I watched the whole sitcom. I'm not sure if I ever finished watching Kindred Spirit and Virtues of Harmony I. And don't remember if I finish watching Show Me The Happy either. So yes, this sitcom is one of the sitcom that I actually enjoy. Do recommend it and watch if you guys have time!

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