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Monday, August 4, 2014

Reminiscing of the past...

Have you guys ever thought about the past series and how much you miss them and want to rewatch it again? I always want to re-watch some good old series again, but its hard to find them for online streaming. Or just to find them online in general. I have so many series that I am reminiscing about and I really want to watch again. If y'all know where I can stream old TVB series again, let me know! 

List of series: 

Dragon Love 

 Love Bond

A Kindred Spirit 

Armed Reaction Series I-IV

Detective Investigation Files Series I-IV

 At the Threshold of an Era Series I-II 

 Old Time Buddies 

A Recipe from the Heart 

Omg there are just too many to list! I shall do a thorough list and post about the past series. 


Rachel said...

OMG!!! i JUST rewatched Detective Investigation Files 1-3 online!!! it took me FOREVER to find all the episodes in cantonese!!! i had to search so hard! i provided some links that i remember, but be warned, you will find some dead links....and either just skip the episode or spend like ten hours finding another link hahaha =P i'll try to help you if i can

1st instalmment:
(tudou/youku doesn't work for me but maybe it will for you)

2nd installment:

3rd installment:

hope these links work at your location!

Rachel said...

btw, i also want to watch a lot of the dramas you posted!! i've been watching a lot of older dramas lately this summer b/c current ones just don't interest me anymore....hopefully i can find some more links to watch and also pass it on to you! :)

foreverlovetvb said...

OMGGG!! Thank you so much!! YOURE THE BEST!!! :D I hope those links will work. I've been trying to find the older dramas to watch too, but its so hard. LOL

miriamfanz said...

If anyone finds links to Old Time Buddy, pls let me know. I've been looking forever for that!

Rachel said...

@forevelovetvb did those links work for you?


i found a few! :)

Rachel said...

hahahha sorry for all the comments, but here is a link to Love Bond :)

foreverlovetvb said...

@Rachel: Sadly the links for DIF doesn't work for me :[ tudou and youku doesn't work where I am either. And for the pps link do we need to download the thing in order to stream it? I got so excited when I saw your link to Love Bond! OMG I've been wanting to watch that the most since its my all time favorite! And thanks for the link to Buddy, the one works but its in both mando and canto hahaha.

Rachel said...

hey! i tried the dif youku link again and this one works if you have this chrome extension

the iqita links don't work either? :( so sad. i was so excited for you to re-watch ahaha

and i didn't download anything for the pps links and i could still watch it. :)

foreverlovetvb said...

thanks for the extension links! Hmm its kinda weird for the pps links. I can watch the ads on it, but not the show. How come?

Rachel said...

that is so strange...what happens when the ads on pps end? nothing happens?

foreverlovetvb said...

Yep nothing happens. It would be black with words saying "sorry something something" in Chinese that I couldn't read Lol. and it kinda gives a link to download pps? But it doesnt work either

Rachel said...

oohhh i figured it out! i didn't download pps program, but i downloaded iqiyi a long time ago which is why i was able to watch. when i deleted it to experiment, i couldn't watch the videos.

if you really want to watch Love Bond, download the iqiyi program :)
here's the link
first download arrow if you have a PC, 2nd if you have a Ma

Rachel said...

oops, here's the link

foreverlovetvb said...

OMG I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCHHH!!!! I'm gonna download the link and try it out!!

foreverlovetvb said...

YES the link work now I can watch Love Bond! THANK YOU SO MUCH RACHEL! And the link for DIF worked too after I installed that unblocked thing! Thank you thank you so much!! YOURE THE BEST!! :D

Rachel said...

YAYY!! so glad to here!! :D

enjoy watching!

foreverlovetvb said...

just kidding.. I still couldn't watch Love Bond from the link you gave me. I only saw the first episode because it was not from your link. And after that I couldn't watch it anymore because there was no other episodes. At first I thought I was watching from your link. Sigh, this is so confusing.. Lol.

Rachel said...

awww sorry this is causing so much trouble! :(

right below the screen do you see a row of links that look something like this?

第1集 第2集 第3集 第4集? those should take you directly to the next episode. (btw you're using chrome right?)

and try this link! :)

foreverlovetvb said...

Rachel: OMGGG Thank You!! It finally worked! Yea I saw that they have those episodes on the bottom, but it didn't work. I used the new link you gave me and it worked! OMG I LOVE YOU THANK YOU!! And no trouble at all, actually i'm sorry for causing you so much trouble!

Rachel said...

AWESOME!!! so glad it worked out! and it's no trouble at all! :) i also enjoy watching it!

Unknown said...

Hi, did you managed to find At the Threshold of an Era ? i just finished watching part 1 at
Sadly, can't find part 2.