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Monday, February 16, 2015


Hey everyone, 

I have a lot of posts that I want to post up, but I don't have much time right now. I'll promise you I'll be back with lots of updates. Aside from this, the problems that I'm going through is still here. I thought I had fixed most of them, but I didn't. It never went away. The feeling of depression hit me stronger as the day goes. Although, I'm in school right now and I see my friends and colleagues at work, and I thought it would help me. I really enjoy going to work because my co-workers are bunch of people with some amazing characters and group of friends that brighten up my day. But lately, I've realized that I've been faking my happiness. I thought I was happy because I was enjoying myself with the company around me and laughing along with them. But I realized, I was pretending my laughter and happiness. 

I really thought I was feeling better, but I was not. I really wonder when this feeling will go away. When one problem settle down, another arises. It's not stopping. Lately, a lot of things had been annoying me, everything just bothers me. 

I'm watching The Hippocratic Crush again and watching it for the third time had taught me something. I learned that everyone encounters their own problems. For some, their problems caused them to fall deep into the hole. For others, their problems are easy to fix. Everyone has their own situation and lowest point in life. Some people lowest came earlier than others. Some lowest point affected them more than others. I learned and understands that no matter how low in life you've gotten, eventually, time will pass and everything will get better. And slowly, you'll learn to accept the fact and will be able to fix the problem. No matter how much you have fallen, get back up and start again. 

I forgot that there were so many life quotes and situations throughout the drama. And I forgot how strong these quotes were. The life quotes that were given through the drama really left a strong impact in me and gives a strong meaning. Watching The Hippocratic Crush again made me realized a lot of things and these quotes made me understand and realized a lot of things. The Hippocratic Crush is one of my favorite dramas that I enjoyed a lot. And one drama that had sent a lot of strong message to us. If you guys have the time again, re-watch The Hippocratic Crush again!

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