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Monday, August 4, 2008

家好月圆 Episode 3 Thoughts

Episode 3 the other three sibilings are introuduce. Got to say one thing... they are so careless about the family and have their own little world. That what they get for being brought up by
Jo Ba (Ha Yu) and Ah Hong (Michelle). The other three brothers are palyed by Moses Chan as Ah Ka, Chris Lai as Ah Yuen and Vincent Wan as Zhong Jai. Moses still have that greeky, funny, silly look from HOG.

Chow Chung plays Lee Sze Kei's father and I felt bad for him. All he wish for is having a Mid Autum Festival dinner with his seven grandchildren. At first Goon Ga Jai ask his grandmother for a change and she agree. But the dinner went up and down. Michelle side dosen't keep their words. If Ho Ma change her store name then they would give them the dinner. I don't get why is it so hard? Why did the Gam side made it so difficult?

The episode get exciting as it progress through. The story get so dramatic when Hong Yi came. Right here we finally know the truth hoe Ha Yu's brother died. The reason why and Ha Yu and his mom blame Ho Ma for causing his death. When Wayne said it.. it was so dramatic and strong. I felt a bit of tear in my eyes. After what had happen... I was happy to see that the three brothers want to stay and finish the dinner with their grandfather.

The story is just getting better and better. Excited for this sereis ><

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