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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moonlight Episode 4-5 thoughts

I think that episode 4 is touching. Raymond is such a good brother. He cared about his sisters and family a lot. He knew that ah Hing (Fala Chen) doesn't like working in the bakery and he try his best to go and find a job for her. Such a caring brother and paying for both of his sisters clothes. When Fala and Ray went to the interview, that part was touching really touching. Tears came down from my eyes. The speech was so dramatic and touching.

The other part of episode 4 was when Sa yi and ah Yuet was fighting. Sa yi is such a liar and I felt so bad for ah yuet. The words that the grandpa said had upset ah yuet. The money was so hard to earn and Sa yi just spend it. Ho Ma didn't say anything to defend Tavia and wanted Tavia to say sorry. Also having the grandpa saying "Don't cause family trouble and don't interfere with my family matters" this words must had hurt Tavia. The way they all said it... it seems that they don't treat Tavia as part of the family.
Tavia did a great job in this scene and her crying had improve a lot.

In episode 5, Tavia wanted to move out because she thought that they don't treat her as a family. I like the brother and the sister moment. Ray is such a caring brother and his character is so warm and enjoyable to watch. With paying the bills of her new apartment and need to paying back her boyfriend's business things, she would still have enough money to give her paycheck to Ho Ma. I think she is such a good daughter. But one thing started to scare me is that she keep avoiding everyone. After everyone found out about Tavia, they tried so hard to go around town to find her. It was really touching when Tavia was in the telephone booth and listening to the messages. Everyone called her and apologies to her.That part was so touching. I'm so happy that Tavia went back home with them and how everything was back to normal. Haha Sa yi got yelled. ^^

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