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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am here xP

OK.. I am here!! OK well I kinda lied about the other one being my last post. Its September and school doesn't give out that much stuff to do yet. Maybe next month and the rest of the year I'll be less on the Blogging world. Hmmm I don't want to leave but I have too. Well after I come back again one day or during the breaks.. I would have a lot of catching up to do. There is so many series that I didn't even seen yet. More interesting series is coming out and I really want to watch those but can't. I'll try and fit time into my busy schedule going on here and blog. It seems a lot quiet here too, everyone has school and hardly have anytime to blog.

Moonlight - I find Kate character really annoying and she is so fake. She can act all innocent in front of you and evil behind you. She is so evil. Her character is just like Michelle's character. Both so evil. Everytime when I see Ga Mei, I just wanted to kill her. She is soo fake. I couldn't stand her anymore. Ughhh its killing me. Hmm can't believe that she ended up with Chris. Wonder why Chris would like her? I kinda felt bad for Louis's Mom. First she has to act that she forgot what she was doing, she as to be "lo yan chi oi" those old people who forget there memories. Not so good in translating. Well anyways next she has to pretend she "receive" a letter from that place where they came from. OK I didn't know what that place was called. I felt so bad for Tavia. Tavia cried a lot in these couple scenes and you could just feel her pain. They just like let Sa Yi and Ga Mei accused Tavia of that letter and everything. I'm so happy that the mom told everything and Ga Mei and ah Ho is over. I couldn't feel that much chemistry coming from them anyways.

I'm so happy that Grandma and Jo Bao can finally see the evilness of Ah Hong. They could finally see that she wasn't a good person and trying to harm everyone and the bakery. I don't get why ah Yuen (Chris Lai) still couldn't see the evilness of Hong Yi. Listen to her worlds to harm his own Biological Father. Listen to a person that is not even blood related to him. *sigh* shame shame Chris. When will you wake up?!!?

Moonlight is just getting more and more interesting. More Intense. Loving it every moment.
Which series you like the best? I actually like Moonlight better then Hog. HOG actually have the intense and the plot in the middle or end just like other series. Moonlight plot started in the beginnings to the middle.... I would think its like the whole story is intense. Well there is some part that is just weird. Hmm I don't know why but every time I see Linda and Bosco together it just annoys me. I don't think they have that much chemistry.. I can't feel it. Who would you like Linda to end up with? Bosco or Raymond? Me.. I choose Raymond. I love Rayda better Boda.
Oh wells what ever it goes.. it goes. Hmm wonder if there is Moonlight 3. I hope there are.. just keep going on with the story.. make it long like Harry Potter.. hehe ^^

Screen caps would come soon when I have time ^^

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