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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Kenix Kwok

Happy Birthday Kenix!!! Today the 27th of November is Kenix birthday. This year Kenix birthday had fallen on to the same day as Thanksgiving. Can't wait till 金钱诱罪 (Money Leads to Crime) airs. So happy and excited to see that Kenix is back in acting. 金钱诱罪 would be an awesome series with all the veterans actors. So excited well anyways Happy Birthday to Kenix.

Happy 39th Birthday and wish that this years you would have more series to act and earn lots of money. Hope all your wishes come true. Best wishes to Kenix ^^

Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come ture ^^
Wonders how Frankie going to celebrate with her. Might be very sweet and Romantic ღღ

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