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Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Bernice Liu

First thing, OMG!!!! I'm the worst Bernice Liu fans!! I totally forgot about her birthday. Today I was going through and reading the TVB blogs. I came upon TVB Bliss [Sugar] Blog and I was reading her entries. As I scoll down, I saw Happy Birthday to Bernice and I thought it was last January as in 2008. When I look up on to the date I saw the number 2009. And it hit me, I was like OMG, how could I forgot Bernice's birthday. Its a shame. I'm like a week late and this week is almost over. Such a shame I am, now how am I going to claim that I'm her fans?!!? Lols ^^ I should say thanks to TVB Bliss [Sugar]. If I haven't went onto her blog today, I would totally forgot all about Bernice's birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday to Bernice. Best wishes and hopes all your wishes comes true. Can't wait till you come back to TVB and seeing your Movie comes out. Can't wait ^^ Happy 30th birthday and have a healthy year. Wish you have a lot series to film and have a happy and healthy year.
Happy Birthday Bernice ^^

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