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Monday, January 19, 2009

Gem of Life review

Ok so, I watched Gem of Life up to episode 62 so far. I didn't watched like everyday cause I didn't have time. Well after that 62 episodes, I'm just going to wait till the rest of the episodes comes out. I won;t have time anymore cause exams is coming up. Also I'm probably don't even have time to post either. Ok, anyways lets get back to Gem. On episodes 50 I was so surprise on Martins moves. I was like wth!! Whoa!! and shock. I wouldn't think that he'll do that cause he was always following Song Sa Man. I couldn't believe that he would just kick him out like that so easily. I was amazed. Well after I continued to watch on, I grew bored on Gem. All they do was talking about business and fighting about the business and all those crazy things that's going on. I mostly skip when they talk about business and watch the romance part. I like the Moses and Gigi the most. I was a bit upset when they broke up and actually sign the divorce paper. I got so annoyed with Ada in the series. She is so stubborn and always think about herself not anyone else. She ruin her sisters life and have everyone listens to her after just two years. Ada just got so aggressive [hope that I used the right term..lolz] I thought that she'll change after the car incident but I guess not. The baby is so cute... hehe ^^ I just hope that everything will be back to normal.... am I kidding?.. back to normal? Its going to be crazier. I love Linda in here. Her bitchy side is really interesting to watch. Her face seriously change.. it isn't that cute, sweet Linda anymore. She had improve a lot. Ok as for Gigi, she is like the easy going one. She would listen to everyone and believe them. She doesn't think about herself first always think about her family first then her [I think..lols]. I like her the best in here.. I think. All I can say is that the three sisters have totally different perspective to the world. So so different.

I don't know what to say about the series. The rating is not very good. Its not the series fault that the rating isn't good. Its the economy. I just hope that the rating would go up soon. They spend so much on this series and its going to be a waste, if the rating still going to be this low. The rating for this series is just like those normal series. This is a HUGE production and the rating is like the same as a 20 episodes series!!! I was so surprise. I think I watched for Gigi and Moses. LOl ^^ Ok just hope that the rating will go up soon. Theres still hope. Theres couple more weeks left.

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