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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweetness in the Salt review so far

I was suppose to be studying but studying to much makes my heads hurts..lolz. So I sneak on and watched Sweetness. I was going to just watch one episode but it just caught me into it, so I ended up watching up to episode 5. Hehe ^^ Well as I watched on, the series is really interesting and I'm falling in love with At first when I saw the title of the series and read the synopsis, I wasn't that interest in it. At first I'm just going to watch the series cause Tavia is leading this and wanted to see how the chemistry is between the three or you can say it the "love triangle". But this love triangle isn't like the other "love triangle" we seen. Its more like a friends love triangle and they won't know if they like each other.

From where I at so far, I think the series is going very well. Its just a shame that is warehouse. I wish it was not, cause its Tavia leading the female role. Well anyways, the series is pretty funny. I like the Wu family. Especially the father. He is very funny, the way he acted. He panic over everything and even one simple thing. He always ask Raymond for advice and he just so adorable. I always laugh at his moves and stuff he does. His character is very memorable and likeable. As for Raymond Wong, I just love him in there. His favorite word is "dam ting" [I hope I pronounce the pin yin right.. very bad at Chinese translations] I think its mean "calm down". Ray isn't like his dad, panicking over everything, he is more calm and gentle. Ray character is very memorable and likeable too.

Now come to Tavia. Tavia character in here is really interesting. I love her wardrobe and hair style. Especially with her hair down. When her hair is down, it doesn't seem like Tavia at all. It took me awhile to figure out..lolz. Tavia tears in here is really strong and those are her real tears. You could feel the pain too. Her crying had improve after crying so much in Moonlight. Tavia fighting skills aren't bad either. As for Steven, I think he is more serious type of person in the series. [his character] Its just amazing that he love Tavia but he would betray her at the same time. Killing her parents and still have the feeling for her. In episode 1 when Tavia wanted to go and revenge, Steven told her to end her old identity and follow the new one. After that when he left and just turn the corner and look back at her, you can see his pain when he saw Tavia cried and when Ray came to help Tavia. Poor Steven.

What I think is that, this love triangle is really hard. Ray start to have feeling for Tavia but won't tell her. Steven and Tavia can't be together because of their identity. Ray promises Steven that he'll take good care of Tavia and Tavia knows that Steven like her. I think that, it was either episodes 3 or 4, Tavia heard what Ray and Steven said when she was leaving the Wu family. Ray said that he likes her but can't tell her right? So Tavia knows that the both of them likes her. Well she know that Steven like her in the beginning and thought that he was just using her after he killed her parent. *sigh* I really wonders who Tavia is going to end up with? The three of them have really great chemistry. So I don't really mind who she end up with, Tavia is so cute with the both of them. But it still hard to choose, if you ask me.

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