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Monday, March 23, 2009

E.U. review

I'm getting so excited with this series. Is getting soo interesting. Apparently episode 25 is already released and the series is ending soon.. I think, and I'm still very far behind form most of you. Its ok though cause I'm catching up soon. Most of you are lucky that you are on your spring break, but mines is not in till 2 weeks later. But I still manage to watch some episodes and soon I'll be caught up =D Where I am now, I think is very close to where all of you are.

~It May Contains Spoilers~
*read at your own risk*

Ah Man [Ron Ng] is finally an undercover cop, its so sad that he had to loose all the relations with everyone. I actually cried.. hehehe. Now that Pak Kiu [Samuel Chan] is an ip in O gei and ah Man is very close to Kong Sai Hou [Michael Miu], things should get really interesting. Pak Kiu knows ah Man's identity and its good to know that they could still talk now. Well in a very secret place. Fa Yut Bo [KaKi Leung] finds out that Sum jie [Kathy Chow] is her sister and doesn't want any relationship with her. Its very sad to see that, but after what had happened to their mom, Yut Bo had changed her mind. She and Pak Kiu are dating and she finally accepted her sister. Yut Bo and Yau Yau [Elane Kong] finally became friends again and that slowly all the police friends well be her friends again. Yau Yau likes ah Man, and at first ah Man doesn't like her. But after awhile he fell in love with her, and he knows that they couldn't happen. He can't like her...... Also we kinda find out a little about Laughing's [Michael Tse] identity. Is he an undercover cop too??

Oh and does anyone agree with me?? Yut Bo looks like Michelle Yip. I thought they do. Also Michael Tse is so funny. Funny little guy ^^

Well this is all for now. I'll be back ^^

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AC said...

I love Michael Tse in this series! and I cried when Ron had to lose his friendships too! haha..