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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stars going into Singing Industry??

Many Artistes had sign into the singing company. Some should and some shouldn't. I don't have any hate against any stars, is just that, why are they doing that?? These past years, Artistes from TVB had step into the singing world. Some got great comments and some didn't. I'm going to tell my opinion and hopes that no one gets defended, cause its my opinion and thoughts.

Myolie had just released an album called "Evolve" Myolie has a good voice, but I think that she can still improve in her singing. I loved her acting and she is one of my favorite actress. I think she has a strong voice but I still think she can improve. If she improved in her singing, then her voice would be even more powerful =] I hope that she can release another album. I gave all my support into her.

Niki Chow new album "Redefine" and I loved it. I support Niki all the way. I think that she is the only TVB actress that can sing!! Her voice is perfect and she has that talent. I think she act beautifully in her series too. She doesn't really act that much but, her acting is on the peak. She can act and sing, so I definitely supports her ^^ Maybe Niki can improve in her acting a little bit. I'll be looking forward for her new series. Niki actually did very well in Beautiful 7th day. It was so sad =[ I cried a lot.

Linda is one of my favorite actress too. But I think that she should just stick with her acting. Her acting had just improved over the years and like she doing very well. Her album "One Person Dinner and Two Person World" was released in August. I like her songs but still think that she can improve in her singing. Linda singing live had actually improved and I actually think that she should stop the singing part right now, and work on her acting. I really wants her to improve in her acting more, to be better then she is today. I'm like her biggest fan, but I would also love to see her to be so skill. In Moonlight, her crying had irritated me. She cried to much and started to look unrealistic. She should maybe work on that..lols. Her acting evil in Gem had actually surprised me. She was actually a really good spoil girl.

Ron and Ray actually can sing and love their voices. They can also dance and be so cute and hott. Love them so much. Bosco is also getting there. Other then Niki, I think that Bernice can sing. She has such a powerful voice just like Myolie and wish that she can released an album. If Kate can release an album.. then why can't Bernice. I personally thought that Bernice is so much better then Kate. Even Linda singing is better then Kate. Tavia can actually stick into acting, cause I don't want to see too many people goes into singing. Tavia actually have an ok voice, she can still improve but yea. I think that Tavia had actually improve so much in her acting. I seriously think that Bernice should release an album. She can sing alright!!!

I had recently heard Kate new single. I actually don't think Kate should start and singing career. I don't have anything against her. I'm not her huge fan, but she is alright too me. Her acting really needs to improve. She should improve in her acting first then go into the singing career. Her voice really need to improve first. I have a bad feeling about her new song and not so sure about it either. I'm scare that there might be criticism on her song. I think that they should release her serious first then release her song. Then maybe her song wouldn't have that much of a bad impact. Not like that I don't like her. Is just that I think she needs improvement. Her character in Speech of Silence, I really liked her in there. I think she did an great job in it but still think that she needs a little improvement in that. So all I'm saying is that, she needs improvement.

Many artistes are keep stepping into the signing industry. I don't get why?? I mean like some actors/actress had really great voice and that they really can sing, they don't go into it. Is it because they wanted more frame?? If more artistes keep going into singing, then what would the singing think of that? They are singers and you are actors. I think that they all should just stay where they are. Niki and Bernice really had a great voice. They can really sing!! Myolie would become one of them very soon. I can see it in Myolie. But for others, they still need improvement. Ron and Ray they had a really good voice and they actually really good. Since Bernice didn't even make an album, maybe she should just stay in acting. But I really love to hear her sing. What do you guys think about Bernice voice?? Is her voice suitable for the singing industry?? This is all my own thoughts and opinions so none of you should get offended in any way. Well thats it for now. I'll be back soon... I hope with GOAH overview and maybe a little review on E.U.

See ya =]


Anonymous said...

I'm a Bernice's fan and of course I love her singing...she has a low powerful voice but sometimes I feel that she can't sing high notes, her voice is more like sammi's voice which is the low voice category.But sammi is a diva, and I do sincerely hope to see them sing a duet together! Haha! Just hope one day Bernice gets to release an album and I'll be sure to go buy one!

Shuyi said...

Hmm. I think you totally got mistaken about the artist going into the music industry. They didn't opt to go into it. More like being forced by Virginia Lok. Kate's a good example she suddenly got a call from Lok saying that she would be signed on as a singer. Kate doubted herself. Of course, as a fan of hers, I'm happy and yet worried. But she will improve, that's for sure. Her acting had improved recently, especially in A Great Way To Care.:)