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Friday, March 27, 2009

E.U. Review

Wow, E.U ends today, Friday March 27, 2009. I couldn't believe that E.U went by so fast. I just finished episode 28 and watching the rest tonight. I'm so excited >.< I wonder what going to happen next. E.U was actually really interesting and I was happy that I saw it. I know for one thing, is that I think they rushed the ending again. Even though I didn't see the last two episodes yet, but I had read the spoilers =]

+*+ Spoilers+*+
read at your own risk, you had been warn

Ok, so now I'm up too episode 28. Just two more left. So excited ^^ I was so shocked in 28. I know that Sam Jie [Kathy Chow] would get killed in that episode, but you don't know when is coming. SO I was like OMG!! I can't believe that Hao gor [Michael M] would do anything. When he means anything, He Meant Everything. He can even kill his love. Thats mean that he'll betray Yau Yau [Elanne Kong] too. Well think about it. Hao gor told Yau Yau to look after "Oi Sam House" and he knows that the police would be there and like the place is there too. Well I read this in the spoilers thing so I'm not sure myself yet. I can't believe Hao gor is so stubborn. Now he knew that Sam jie didn't betray him and he is upset. He could've read the text message first instead of killing him. I mean like this is what you get for killing someone that you loved and cherish the most. I can't believe that he listen to ah Zhong. Ah Zhong obviously would lied to him and want Hao gor to kill her. I mean like ah Zhong doesn't like her.

Also that dude Na Ba... he is funny. Hilarious!!! I also think that ah Man and Yau Yau are actually pretty cute in this series. They are funny and adorable. They broke up because Yau Yau found out that ah Man is an undercover cop and she doesn't want him to do anything to his dad. But ah Man has to capture Hao gor, because he want to finish Laughing gor's job. Ha has to full fill Laughing's wishes and his own duty. I'm very proud of him..lols

The last two episodes must have a lot of action going on and it probably going to be rush. Well see ya next time ^^

*gosh..still need to put up Goah review....... *

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