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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi everyone, I don't feel well today =\ My stomach hurts and I felt nausea. So I woke up this morning for school and like my stomach is like killing me. I can't even stand up right. I was about to tell my mom, but you know how Asian parents are. They would be like "nope, you had to go to school", so I didn't tell her. I got to school and its like killing me. I didn't even go to 1st period yet, I felt like I had to throw up. So I stop by the nurse office and I told her. After all I threw up, not much though. My head was like spinning and I was like very pale. So the nurse called home and my dad came to pick me up. You know how like your stomach is like killing you and when you wait for your parent to come for you, your stomach gets better. Yea that had happen, so I came home and it was only 8 am and that is 2nd period. I ate tynenol and went to sleep. I woke up just now and typing this. My stomach still hurts a little but I'm fine.

Ohhh, can't believe E.U is ending so soon >.< I'm going to miss it. Ok, so right now, I'm going to watch episode 21. I'm getting there =] oh and can't believe the new Miss Hong Kong 2008 is Skye Chan. Not to be mean, but I didn't really like her. She can talk really great that night but she isn't that pretty. Can't believe Edelweiss broke the tradition and not doing her duties. That what she gets. Edelweiss won cause of her dad. Money is not all that!!

Well whteves, see you all next time =]

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Anonymous said...

hey girl!
i love your blog....keep up the great work! thanks for always posting on time and everything.