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Friday, March 6, 2009

Greatness of a Hero review

Hi everyone =] Yea... I haven't been updating cause I got so bored. I didn't know what to update or like to write. Well anyways I've changed my banner and layout ^^ hope you all like it =D I know is not that good but oh wells..lols

Like this graphic I made? Yes its not awesome but I think is alright ^^ Its my first time making a graphic like this. I used fotoflexer- an online picture maker thing. Its like photoshop but is like online and is a bit different. One day I'll know how to make a better one.

Well anyways, I'm watching Greatness and I'm almost done. I couldn't believe that it went by so fast. I totally forgot that is ending today 3/6/09. Whoa, all 20 episodes had aired. This series should had been longer cause its like a case series. Most case series has 25 or more episodes. I already know what happen at the end even though I'm not done yet. All I can say is... I don't like the ending >.< Following contain SPOILERS. If you really want to know then please proceed. If not then I suggest you to stop reading right now. I had warned you.

*Contains Spoilers*

TVB had decided to KILLED off most of the Cast!!! Whats??? Had they gone insane??? They just want to kill everyone thats mean no happy ending?? Well I think that is not a happy ending but I didn't watched it yet so I'll not make my complete statement on the ending just yet. Even though if I had saw it already or going to see it, I probably would or definitely think that is not a happy ending. In episode 19, one of the main character Song Ting Yuk [Sunny Chan] was killed. He got stab by the Moi family [Wayne's people] while Sonija got beheaded. She took the sacrifice and got kill like that. Stephen told the empress all his father [Wayne] evil deeds and drunk the poison wine and died. Wayne of course died and Stephen's mom and her servants died. Kent couldn't see his wife for the last time because he went into hiding or going away...(something like that). Like the main plot of the series is like shown and rushed in the last two episodes. Basically is like 75% of the cast died in the series.

*sigh* I don't know what to say. Should I continue or just stop? But I only have 19 and 20 left so I'll continue. I want to see how emotional it is. I'm just disappointed. I remember when I saw the costume promotion I was waiting for it to come out. After it was out and it got warehoused and now the ending like this? I'm so disappointed. I'll leave it here as for now and come back when I'm done watching. Hehe.. I kinda like spoiled myself reading it from asianfanatics =P well...everyone does it.. don't they??LOls ^^

Bye =D and I hoped you enjoyed watching GOAH ^^

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