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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hii everyone ^_^ Remember that post I put up on my research paper. Well that paper is finally due tomorrow the 9th of March. I thought I'll be done before the weekend, but I was wrong. I got so caught up making graphics [which aren't so great, compare to all of you]. Well now I spend my weekend doing it =[ *sigh* I need to learn not to do stuff the last minute and stop procrastinating..lols =P What am I going to do with my life?? Lols X]

I don't know what happen but like, I don't feel like to blog. Its like you don't know what to say anymore. The series that are release this year doesn't really catch me. TVB didn't do so well this year. Last year I saw a lot series and this year is like an easily skip. Probably is not TVB fault, its the economy...yes.. everyone just blame it on the economy =D. I got so disappointed on Gem. I remember back I was waiting for the series to be release. When it was finally released, I even skipped watching Last One Standing. I got so disappointed =[ They had so much time to film this but everything is like rush. Now I hope that D.I.E Again doesn't disappoint me. I really like the first one so I hope is just as good. I'm like waiting for Roots of Evil and Beyond the Realm of Conscience, and hope it doesn't disappoint me. As for the new series" The Winter Melon Tale", I'm not sure if I'll watch it. The description doesn't seem to interest me..hope I'm wrong. Btw wow, Spring coming early this year. Daylight saving is today Sunday 3/8/09. So Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow?? Ok, well bye everyone =D See you all soon.

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