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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

E.U overview

Hahaha... is amazing that I actually typed this today ^^ But before we start, I gotta say that this person in my group is not here again. But my group got an extra day so ours is due Friday... I'm so happy =] Well anyways back to E.U........

E.U actually did very well and is really interesting to see. I was relived that I saw it. Cause I was going to miss it after the storyline in "on the first beat". I thought it would be the same, but it turn out to be actually different. I was impress. I give up after the first one finished, cause I didn't like how TVB kept changing the female lead. When I saw that they changed the lead for E.U again, I was like no, I'm not watching it. The only cast TVB kepts was the police crew, Ron and Samuel. They changed and add different person in to it. I was like???? Especially the female lead. Whoa... haha, I just realized that they changed house on the third one, and Ron's aunt isn't in this one...lols.

The series was really well developed and I liked how everyone stuck up for each other. Like one big Happy Family...lols. I was so excited to see Ron to go undercover. That was like the main part...lmao ^^ ah Man and pak Kiu both got promoted from the second one to E.U. Pak Kiu was the head in his E.U's team when the story started. Ron worked in plain clothes when the story started. Ron jumps into his work and try so hard to do a big project. But always fails. His head always yelled at him for his moves. Ron never gives up. As the story progresses, it got more interesting. We get to find out Laughing's identity. At first I was like oh Laughing wouldn't be one of the important person in E.U then why is he singing the theme? But then when you watch it and realized, Laughing is consider a very important person. He is an undercover cop for 9 years. He should get like a promotion for it. That is really a big project for him, he had to risk his life and turn all his life down to be a gang member. He is truly a hero. I think that Michael T did an excellent job. He was very funny and he acted up to his peak. He is amazing =]

Ron and Samuel improved and did a fantastic job like always. They are outstanding and especially Michael M. This was my first time watching him acting evil. He was truly pro at it..lols. He did a nice job and I would like to see him acting evil again. Michael M acting is always a pro. Its a really great opportunity working with him and you can learn a lot from him. Love watching Michael M acting ^^ I don't really like how Kathy cried. Its not realistic enough and I think she needs a little bit practice in her acting. She actually did a well job and I would like to see her again but she needs improvement. Elanne was ok and so was Kaki. They both acted well but needs improvement too. Elanne and Ron in the beginning was really funny. I thought Elanne is pretty, and I seriously thinks that Kaiki looks like Michelle Yip in some way. Maybe because of her smile.

Theres some part that I didn't like and most of it I loved it. Michael was really cold-blooded person. Also that guy name La Ba, Ron's friend was really funny. He is so cool =P The series was really up to expectations and did a really fantastic job. A lot people had improve and E.U was really interesting and suspense. Theres not a really and big crime thing to solve, The series was like actually all on the gang thing. The operations for it was awesome too. Wow, TVB didn't get off topic this time..lols =P At first when I read the spoilers for the last 4 episodes, I thought that they had rushed the ending and how they ruined the ending again, but to my surprise when I saw it. It wasn't really rushed. It was like a slowly gradual development from this scene to the next. Really proud with TVB..Lmao XD. I liked both endings, and I liked how they left Laughing like that, with him saying some lines in a dim room. Cause this left us a cliffhanger. We don't know if he is dead or still alive. E.U was really a job well done =] So satisfied with it ^^

Oh and if the 4th one really comes out. I wonder if they going to changed the female lead again!! That what I hated about the 1st-3rd installments. I think that they could just leave it to the 3rd one. No more, but if they make the 4th one, I would watch it. All for Pak Kiu and ah Man XD. If they actually going to make the 4th one then they would need to bring Kaki back, cause Pak Kiu and Yut Bo is married. But I would really wonder how would it turn out. Oh and Ron did kinda got promoted at the end. He went from his job in the beginning to working in O-gei. That is a really a high promotion. And look the brothers get to work together..lols =]

E.U was really a job well done. The Real true undercover police hero is not ah Man but actually Laughing sir. He really deserves it. He was about to go back after Tou Yit Tin was captured but they told him to stay to captured Hao gor. That was a big disappointment for him. He was waiting for that day to go back to the police force. I'm giving E.U a 4/5. Perfect but not perfect enough =]

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