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Friday, April 10, 2009

Heyy everyone =D

Hi everyone =D I'm really bored, maybe I should go to sleep. Yes... I think I should go to bed. Well like right now in the North Eastern part of U.S is 12:33 am... and is late... I really should like head to bed, but I wanted to post something. Well, like I'm bored... I'm like really bored, cause I'm like taking the most retarded quizzes on facebook.. and like normally I don't. Ok, well my break had started Thursday 4/9/09. I went to the mall today and got some clothes. I've been eating out these two days, and maybe tomorrow night too.. Friday night. Wednesday night after school, I went out and we had went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Then Thursday, I went to the mall and we ate CPK [California Pizza Kitchen] for lunch and went to this Korean place for dinner. Then Friday night (4/10), if I'm lucky enough, I'll eat out again..lols =] My sister is leaving Monday, back to California for college =[ its so far away =[ but she'll be back in June and that is like 2 months =] My break is ending the 19th and its pretty long. My report card came and I'm not happy about it. It wasn't that great this semester!! Well like our report card, our school sends them by mail, only for high schools and middle schools. Well you see, where I live, the school is in a district so you had to go to that elementary,middle, and high school. Well in my district, there are 5 elementary schools and thats is from kindergarten to 5th grade, 2 middle schools and that is 6th to 8th grade and 2 high schools and that is from 9th to 12th grade. Middle school is jr. high school. They like choose the elementary, middle, and high school for you to go to, depends on where you live. Well like the people you go to middle school with you would be with them in high school and like for elementary you will be with them throughout middle and high school. Its complicated actually xD, am I really that bored?? I just liked explain to you all about my school. Weird.. well yea, I guess this is it and I'll see you all next time =] oh yea, about that 4th installment on to E.U, truthfully I really want them to stop at the 3rd one, theres really no need to make the 4th one. Its already too long and is like they are dragging it forever. But I guess I'll watch it, it really depends, who is in it and the plot of the story.

Guess that is it Bye ^^ See ya next time =D

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