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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hey everyone =] I'm still on hiatus but I got really bored studying..lols. So I sneak on and posting this. There's so much S.A.T II Bio notes to study for, and I'm tired of it..lols. But I only got a month left and I'm scare. Well anyways, on top of that, I'm sick =[ Its hard to study and being sick at the same time..lols. Oh yea, well I kinda watch King of Snooker, and I got to say, I got really bored watching that. As I kept watching it, I grew bored on the pool table . The story just got boring to me but I'm going to finish it cause I guess I want to watch the chemistry story side. Well yea, I guess this is it. I'll be back by the end of June, after everything is done =] But you can still leave a message, just leave it in the cbox =]

ttyl ^^
see ya

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