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Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello....... =]

Hi everyone!!! I missed you all and the TVB net world a lot. Ok, I had said that I would be back by the end of June, well...... I think I will. I just need to post something up right now. Would you say that foreverloveTVB is still on Hiatus?? Probably not, but I just won't be posting for the remainder of the month. But I'll be back on the 24th of this month =]

S.A.T II Biology is finally over. It was on Saturday June 6th. I thought that it would be really hard, because the practice tests I took was like impossible. The test turn out to be fine, but it was still hard. I thought that it would be impossible but it wasn't that scary as the practice tests. I'm really scare for the result and I don't really want to know my grades. The test is a score choice, they changed it this year, so the S.A.Ts are changed. I was thinking about to cancel it but, I decided not too. When the score comes out, I'll look at it. If its really bad, I'll hide that subject test score from the colleges. Cause this time, we get to see the scores first, the college won't see it unless you send it to them. I'm probably going to retake it in October. Now, I had the final exams and regents exam to take =[ My school is ending in 3 days!!!! Yay, but that is just the last full class. I still need to go back to school to take the tests. I go in and take the test, then I go home. My grandmother is coming tomorrow the 9th, and my aunt and uncle with their lovely baby twins boy are coming Thursday the 11th. Which is a bad timing because, final exams starts Friday and the week after. My last exam is on the 23rd.

Oh and one more thing. I thought that is was really awesome that Hong Kong is broadcasting Sweetness in the Salt. I hope it would get a good rating just like the rating oversea.

The 24th of June is coming soon, that mean that foreverloveTVB is turning 1!!!!!!

Well guess this is it ^^

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