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Monday, November 30, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Gala 萬千星輝賀台慶

Finally I got the chance to watch TVB 42nd Anniversary Gala. I enjoyed watching it and its quite funny. TVB Anniversary Gala has always been my favorite to watch. It brings the whole TVB family together and brings out a lot of love, comedy and excitements. Watching all the artistes participating in the gala, do bring out a lot of warmth and fun time and excitement everyone has, also the relationships between each and every artistes. Its like one happy family!! Pretty much to me, I really enjoy watching the Galas. But I can see that each year, TVB is running out of ideas and lacking in making the Gala exciting. But no matter what I'll always support TVB and watch the Gala every year. This year was full of music and dancing and brings out different and a lot of artistes bond and relationship. I really enjoyed watching this year gala.

TVB 2009 42nd Anniversary Gala was held on Nov 19th. TVB 42nd Birthday!!
TVB 42nd 繼續創造 繼續 good show!!

The first performance
Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Nancy Wu, Vivien Yeo, Yoyo Chen, Janet Chow, Grace Wong, Samantha Ko, Sire Ma, Kayi Cheung, Christine Kuo, Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Patrick Tang, Stephen Huyhn, Benjamin Yuen, Jack Hui, Joey Law, Timmy Hung, Lai Lok Yi, and Carlo Ng.

I really enjoyed watching this first act. I can never be upset with Bernice and no need to worry for her. Bernice dances and sings so well and supports her!! Fala singing is getting improvement and Grace dancing is amazing just like Bernice. Don't forget Nancy dancing!! Bernice, Nancy, and Grace dancing was the Best!! I find Yoyo Chen's voice really sweet and smooth, not bad. Ron was amazing and had such a great voice, he didn't need to wear that yellow pants. He stands out with his dancing. Michael did a great job too. I like Bosco singing better then his dancing though. I love all the songs that they sang and I found Eric dancing at the end was quite funny.

The second performance 功夫女將打出火
Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Angela Tong, Sharon Chan, Sharon Luk, Sarah Song, Macy Chan, Leanne Li, Sherry Chen, Skye Chan, Joyce Cheng, Natalie Tong, Oceane Zhu, and Charmaine Li.

I was really surprise and proud of Susanna and Michelle. Michelle said that they didn't had much time to practice together and they turn out great. The spinning by Susanna was amazing. Michelle did great too, even she had lesser day to practice then Susanna. Angela did a great job. I felt that Angela was the most lively one. Like she put more power into it then the others had. Truthfully I didn't really like this act but I really like the performance by Michelle and Susanna.

The Third Performance 驚喜合唱Crossover
Lee Heung Kam, Charmaine Sheh, Kiki Sheung, Linda Chung, Shirley Yeung, Aimee Chan, Susan Tse, Suet Nei, Ching Ho Wai. Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma, Kevin Cheng, Shek Sau, Patrick Tang, Chan Hung Lit.

This performance was the best one!! I loved this one the most. I really like the idea, how they put two different generations together. Charmaine and Steven was really into it and Kenneth was so cute!!! Haha.. especially Kenneth with his face expressions and his moves. He really into it. I really like Linda singing in English. Its better then her Chinese songs..but Linda did really improved a lot. But Shirley dancing was the Best out of the three. I was really amazed by Shek Sau and Kiki singing. Also Lit gor singing too. Haha.."My Girl" really match Shek Sau, Kiki and Lit Gor time..lols. I was amazed and yes, I laughed along. This whole performance I laughed and enjoyed it. I love Lee Heung Kam part the best!!! (R.I.P Chan Hung Lit)

The Fourth Performance 扮嘢至尊福祿壽
Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen and Johnson Lee

Every year they always make me laugh. They still made me laugh this year but am I laughing at their stupidity? I think so... I didn't really like what they did this year. It was just plain weird. But Louis "Michael Jackson" Moves were quite good. The part when they talked about themselves, imitating as the judges made me laugh. I didn't like Johnson's act... it was just plain weird... I was like?? I didn't really like what they did this year.

The Fifth Performance 巾幗群雄鼓上飛
Sheren Tang, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Derek Kwok, Ben Wong, Raymond Cho,Jack Wu, Joel Chan, Vin Choi, Matthew Ko, Evergreen Mak, Dexter Yeung, Charles Szeto, Oscar Leung, Tsui Wing, Raymond Chiu, Jim Tang, Jason Chan, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin, Stephen Wong.

Hmm.. I thought this was okay. This year is Sheren performed with the boys instead of Liza. I kinda enjoyed it but not as much. I was amazed how Sheren can walked through the drums with out getting hit. Well obviously she had lots of practice. But I thought her performance was amazing.

The Sixth Performance 由1967唱起
Hackeen Lee

His singing is always amazing. Doesn't disappoint and always support Hackeen!! I was amazed and must felt proud for the veteran actors, when their faces as youngsters appeared on screen. They were once TVB Fa Dans and Siu Sangs. They must been proud to support TVB all the way. Some faces I recognized but some were a huge change. Lols.

The Seventh Performance 臥虎藏龍唱家班
Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Grace Wong, Pierre Ngo, Nancy Wu, Loretta Chow, Skye Chan, Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai

I'm really impressed with Pierre and Grace's singing. Their voices do matches each other. But I like Grace dancing better..hehe xD. I don't know what to say, but I know that Nancy singing isn't that bad but I prefer her dancing and acting more. Fala is getting there, improving. Steven is just amazing. But Sheren and Wayne out shown them!! They were the best!!

The Skit 台慶劇「超級巨B」
Eric Tsang, Wu Fung, Christine Ng, Angela Tong, Sammy Leung, Chin Ka Lok, Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok, Bosco Wong, Susanna Kwan, Lee Heung Kam, Wong Cho Lam, Koni Lui, Louis Yuen, Timmy Hung, Samantha Ko.

Okay I got to say this was the most horrible performance I've seen that night. It was the worst skit in TVB history. First I felt like they didn't go over their lines, it look like they just put it in the last minute. They were just completely yelling on top of each other. But somehow it did made me laugh. I was probably laughing at how stupid it was. But I felt bad for Sonija's clothes and jewelry which cost million. Koni laughed made me laugh even more I don't know why. But all I can say that it was horribly put together.

But overall I think I really enjoyed watching this year gala better then last year. I felt that last year was kinda boring cause I don't remember if I even watched it. I really like the dancing and the singing the best. Especially the Crossover one. A lot of Artistes didn't disappoint me, but some actually did. Like I thought that the three crazy guys, can do better then imitating people. But it was alright I guess. The skit was my favorite part, but it disappointed me. But I guess it doesn't really matter cause most importantly are the Artistes and everyone in the TVB family had a great time and their bond together. Also Luk Sir officially announced his retirement and this is the last TVB Gala he is attending. Wish Luk Sir healthy and enjoy his retirement.

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