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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Chip Off The Block

English Title: A Chip Off The Old Block
Chinese Title: 巴不得爸爸 [Ba Bat Dak Ba Ba]
Genre: Family/Period Drama
Broadcast: 11/30/2009 – 1/1/2010
Episodes: 21
Cast: Ron Ng, Sunny Chan, John Chiang, Myolie Wu, Shirley Yeung, Nancy Wu, Gigi Wong, Louis Yuen, Ng Ka Lok, Chun Wong, Lo Chun Shun, Jason Lam, Cheung Chi Hin.. etc..
Producer: Poon Ka Tak


As the proverb said ""With a distinguished father such as you, the son is sure to do well".

However, for this pair of Father and son, it is quite difficult because both of them have different characters, different way of doing things and even their life goals are totally different from each other. Father, Chor Fan (Sunny Chan) has feelings of a man in the 60s, Son, Chor Ci (Ron Ng) finds that he is too slow as compared to others who are living in the 21st Century. A comedy which shows a travel in time. The circumstances that happen will not only cause positive aftertaste, but allows one to think about the meaning behind 'There's no inborn talent to become a powerful person overnight; A good man should work hard and stand up strong on his own feet'.
Chor Ci from the 21st Century went back in time to the 60s when his father was in his youth. Father and Son became best of brothers. Chor Fan sheltered Chor Ci and Chor Ci came to know the stingy boss of the Noodle Stall Ko San Chuen (David Chiang), the fierce landlady Tam Lan Ching (Gigi Wong), Bickering Lover Ching Lan Fun (Shirley Yeung) and the rich young lady Leung Pin Pin (Nancy Wu). Chor Ci offended many people and seldom greet others. Hence, he wasn't well liked by many other neighbours such as the police sergeant Ngau Ching Wing (Louis Yuen). There is only Chor Fan who protects him all the time and even introduced him to work at a departmental store. However, Chor Ci, who is over ambitious, only knows how to blame his father for being too old-fashioned and allows others to take advantage of him. Chor Ci almost caused many other neighbours to lose their homes. Chor Ci also spoilt his father's relationship with the con-lady So Fung Nei (Myolie Wu). When he started to regret his actions, he realised that he is actually.....

Credits: to Linnette @ and asianfanatics

Thoughts: I'm kinda interest into this series. I'll look forward watching it after I finish with Beyond and BR

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