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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cupid Stupid - review

Series: Cupid Stupid
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Michael Tse
Producer: Tsui Yue On

I finally finish watching this..well not technically finish watching it. I kinda skipped the whole thing. So this is what happen, I was watching the series and it was quite enjoyable but after I read the spoiler, it killed me. I'm done watching this, there is no point to finish watching it. Cause the whole point I watched this was for Stevia. Cause after Sweetness in the Salt, everyone want a Stevia ending but we didn't get it and we all hoped that CS will provide us with a wonderful ending of Steven and Tavia. But we didn't get that either. So I just completely gave up. I kinda thought that the series was pointless and stupid too just like the title. I was pretty upset after I found out that they didn't end together. I stop watching it on episode 3 but then I started again and continue to ep 9? After wards I just gave up and watch the last episode. There is really nothing for me to write since I didn't finish watching it...

Can Love really be determined with Fate and Destiny? Can Fate really bring one's love? 

Well I thought that Fate can bring two individual together but does that really mean that the individual will dearly love each other? I don't think so, even though fate can bring two people together, it doesn't necessary mean that they will deeply love each other. At the end Chi Yat Po (Steven Ma) was the first one to see Twinkle (Tavia Yeung) but what did he do? He called out to her but she didn't hear him. After Yat Po saw her again in Disney Land what happen? He just let her go cause he saw Jeff (Michael Tse).  Jeff was really happy to see Twinkle but was Twinkle happy? She only gave a slight smile and said that "fate want me to pick you". But was she really happy? Does she even look happy? No she doesn't. Her eyes were a bit teary and was that really a happy smile? Was the teary eyes an happy eye? Not Really, she was pleased to see Jeff, but was that the person she really had in her heart. Twinkle believed that she needs to be with Jeff cause Fate lead her to see Jeff again in Disneyland. Cause she saw him first and he saw her. But if we switch it around. Going back to before, before they were in Disneyland. If Twinkle had heard Yat Po calling her in the street then that will be a real smile. Her teary eyes will be a happy teary eyes. Fate then will want Twinkle to end with Yat Po.  Deeply she was looking and intentionally hope that it was Yat Po not Jeff that had found her in Disneyland. Twinkle was being naive and  indecisive and just let fate choose it for her. She didn't really think about the love between the three she just let whatever destiny brings her. Twinkle should have chose whom she love the most not to let fate chose it for her. I can pretty sure to say that Twinkle and Jeff will not have a happy future together. So even though fate and destiny lead two individual together it doesn't necessarily mean that the two will deeply love each other. The next day Twinkle called Yat Po. He didn't pick up her call. But if Yat Po had picked up her call, would he had a chance with her? Maybe Twinkle called him to tell him that she is in Hong Kong and want to meet him. Twinkle and Chi Yat Po might have a chance together if Yat Po had picked up the call. Yat Po gave up like that cause he thought that Twinkle still like Jeff. He just assume that Twinkle like Jeff. Did he thought how she felt. Yat Po just going to let her go just because he ''assume'' that Twinkle like Jeff.

Yes, when faith bring two individual together and that do mean that the two are meant for each other. But sometime it doesn't mean that. I really hope for Stevia ending but what did we get? But I really like the theme song by Steven. It sound really nice and sweet.

Not really, but if you all really want to see it, go ahead. But I won't recommend it. 

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Rachel said...

yay! so glad there's more reviews on cupid stupid cause i'm so disappointed with the ending and even now, a long time later, i'm still sad when i think about it. i really really wanted to see a Stevia ending! that ending totally gave me a whole different view of 'fate' i personally always like the idea of fate, but the way Tavia's character perceived fate, i just wanted to slap her across the face, leaving it up to fate to determine her future and happiness. gah!! so frustrating! but yeah sorry for ranting here, but i agree with everything you just wrote. cupid stupid was a big disapointemnt :(