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Monday, June 28, 2010

I will be Waiting...

My new fanfic starring Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng ;]
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"You told me to Wait, I'm Still waiting"
Leading Cast:
Tavia Yeung
Ron Ng
Main Supporting - Bernice Liu
other character's will mention as the story goes...
Set in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Both Tavia and Ron are graduates of Hong Kong University. It's their last year in college, graduating in five months. Tavia and Ron met during their first year in college. They've became best friends ever since they met. Always there for each other, help each other with their problems and be there when the other is down. They would always be there for each other. Tavia and Ron became really close, many people thought they were a couple but they are just friends. As each year progresses by, they both grew interest of each other. They both realized they have feelings for each other.
-He told her right after final exams are done.
-She told him right after graduation.
It's been two years after graduation...
Will they ever be together?
Would they have a chance or would they Just Remain as Friends Forever?
- You told me to Wait, I'm Still waiting.. - 

Link - I will be Waiting

-Thanks to ShadowYin from LostShadows for the wonderful poster and background ;]

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