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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gigi Lai pregnant with Twins

Gigi Lai pregnant with twins jumps to over 300 pounds and enters hospital.

Since her announcement of being pregnant with twins, 39 year old Gigi Lai's body figure had a triple jump. It's rumored that with the help of having nourishing herbs for pregnancy, Gigi now weighs 163kg (359 pounds) with a 40 inch stomach, she's 72kg (158 pounds) heavier than before her pregnancy.

Although next month she is expected to due, the day before, rumors broke out that Gigi is admitted into the hospital early. For the last several days, the media has been actively trying to find out if Gigi really is admitted in Canossa Hospital. It was discovered that in the delivery room on the 2nd floor is guarded. As to if Gigi really is in that room, the nurses kept their mouths shut.

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Thoughts: Congrats to Gigi and Mr. Ma for having twins! Gigi is expecting to be due next month, she must be excited and nervous! Congrats again to Gigi!!

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