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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who's more Evil & Freaky?

Currently I'm on episode 21 of Fist. It's coming to an end soon, and I'm enjoying it!! It's getting really interesting and so many things had happen!! I wonder what will happen next?!!?

Who is the real villain in the series?  Well of course we all think that the villain is Wing Dak (Dominic Lam). But yes, Dominic is the main villain in the series. But to me I also think that Eric Lee(Li) is a villain too. Well okay he is not the main or the real villain. Dominic is, but Eric is one crazy scary maniac. Eric would appear out of know where and you would not know what he is up to. They are both scary!

So who is the most scariest, evil, and freaky?

I think Eric is the most scariest and freaky. Ever since his appearance in the series, I know, he is a no no. His expression is mad scary. The audience doesn't know what he wants. Even Natalie doesn't know what he want. He was in Jail and he was Let out so Dominic can have Eric to teach his son kung-fu. Scary! Especially the way he kept giving Natalie the eyes and the way he follows her. I can't believe he raped her!! Poor Natalie =\

Dominic is also scary and evil. But not as freaky as Eric. When ever I see Dominic, I will get the chills. He did so many bad things. He is Surely Evil!! He would bribe people with money and pay them money to do things for them! >< I can't believe these people only cares about money! But hey, you can't really blame them. It's either take the money and do as I told or die. I think I rather do as I'm told? xP Ahaha... kidding, I don't even know what will I do.  I just feel bad for all those innocent people. They go against Dominic and boom,. you don't get to see the daylight of tomorrow.

One is freaky and the other evil. They both are freaky and evil. At first when I see Dominic on screen, I get the chills. But when I see Eric on screen, I got scare and the chills. They are both so freaky. ><  Dominic is really evil, he doesn't show the evilness, cause he do the stuff slowly and carefully. Scary guy, you don't know what he have up his sleeves!!

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