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Thursday, August 5, 2010

ah Fung...

Ahhha... LOL. =D I love this video xD It's so Adorable!!
I found this video on wing-yii's blog. I clicked on it and watched it. AHHH... Raymond is SO adorable, and especially that little girl. 
Oh, how I wish I was that girl. She got a kiss from Ray. Ahaha.. you got to watch this video. It's so funny. 
I was like laughing non-stop. Too funny. 
The little girl was like "you're so cute/handsome" (nei oh lang jai ah) ahaha.. that just threw me off. Even a little girl knows what is cute =] Ahaha.. and yep, ah Fung is cute and handsome.

Anyways, check it out =]
It's a game show for the promotion of the new movie 'The Jade and the Pearl'. Starring Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, Wong Cho Lam, and Joey Yung. 

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