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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010 Miss Hong Kong Champion

Finally the final night of Miss Hong Kong is over. The stress and the excitement are finally over. The contestants can finally let go all the stress they had to compete in getting the crown. The viewers can let go all the excitement. Soon all these will be forgotten and the excitement will be back again next summer. Summer of 2011. Miss Hong Kong 2011 will bring all of us, new faces and fresh contestants. I hope that Miss Hong Kong 2011 will be better than Miss HK 2010.

MHK 2010 was held on August 1 2010 in Hong Kong Coliseum. Once again, many famous people came and audience came for support. Once again, the stage was decorate by its wonderful and nice theme. This year the pageants were to walk in a catwalk fashion to introduce themselves and such. They had a part where it was a little fantasy world,. Which brings lots of childhood memories back. Every year there would be a swimsuit contest and interview. I say that this year MHK was the easiest year. They didn't had much to do. There were no ratings of the swimsuit walk like every year. Only had one interview. I think the question this year was easy, but some of the contestants thought of the most hardest way to answer them. I think that you should answer to the question with short, easy, and knowledgeable/intelligent way. This year I really had nothing to say about the MHK. As we all know, every year, Miss Hong Kong had gotten worse. Everything had decline and they didn't put that much effort in to it. But I think that last year and this year crowning was fair. 2008 crowing was all about money and status. This year pageants I like #8 Phoebe Pang and #14 Kitty Li. I didn't like the winners but if I had to choose from the 3 winners, I'll choose #15 Sammi Cheung.

#15 Sammi Cheung, did gave a nice speech during the interview and her introduction speech. But her walk and her introduction speech wasn't that smooth. Her fairytale dance and dress did bring lots of cuteness in her. Which that is what a fairy tales about. It brings back all the cuteness of a childhood memories. Her catwalk was much better than her intro walk and her speech during the auditions showed lots of motivation and potential that she'll help bring happiness and serve others if she get crown. Well Sammi you finally got crown and now you hold the title of Miss Hong Kong 1st runner up. We are honor to have a Miss Hong Kong titleholder like you. Some one that can serve others with happiness.

2010 Miss Hong Kong

Winner 2010香港小姐冠軍
#13 Toby Chan 陳庭欣

1st Runner Up 2010香港小姐亞軍
#15 Sammi Cheung 張秀文

2nd Runner Up 2010香港小姐季軍
#5 Lisa Ch'ng 莊思明

Top 4
#13 Toby Chan
#15 Sammi Cheung
#5 Lisa Ch'ng
#9 Crystal Li

Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐 2010 李雪瑩 #9 Crystal Li
Miss International Goodwill  國際親善小姐 201陳庭欣 #13 Toby Chan

Anyways I thought that #8 Phoebe Pang 彭慧中 or #14 Kitty Li 李俍嬿 would get Miss Photogenic, but of course only the ones who got into Top 5/4 would get those awards.

8. 彭慧中 Phoebe Pang
14. 李俍嬿  Kitty Li

Wow this is such a long post -.- but I have so much to say! Was this year fair? I thought the crowing was fair and the crowing last year 2009 was fair too. Even though there were complaints about the winners. But there was no complaints on Sammi =] hahaah. Even though I was upset on who got crown, at least I'm find with Sammi out of the three. Oh and like during the introduction speech. If #10 Queenie Ma didn't say she was the tallest out of the 15, she probably would've made it to top 4. The way she said it, was kinda bratty. hehehe.. okay, I hope this post didn't bored you guys =] sorry for such a long post. -.-

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Anonymous said...

Sammie cheung is ugly! There were complaints about her but not as much as Lisa ch'ng! She is even uglier!