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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Artists of the Month

December/January Artists of the Month presents...

Sheren Tang

I know this is like 2 months late. -.- Sorry!! I was busy and lazy to Sorry. I have so many reviews to catch up on. I'll get to that very soon.

Sheren joined TVB's acting class in 1985, group 2 and after her graduation, she was debuted in her first series along side with Alex Man as his leading lady. The series was called "The Legend of the General who Never was". After years of hard work, Sheren was cast in "War of Beauty". Her character Yu Fei led her to be the hot favorite for Best Actress in 2004. However she lost that award to Gigi Lai. Instead, Sheren received the Best Supporting Actress for her role. In 2006, her role as Hilda in "La Femme Desperado" gain her to be hot favorite for Best Actress. However she lost that award again, this time to Charmaine Sheh.

However, Sheren doesn't give up and kept going with her amazing acting skills. Working hard to be the very best. In 2009, Sheren was cast in Rosy Business as the 4th wife (Sei Nai Nai). But this time, there was much competition with "Born Rich" and "Beyond the Realm of Conscience". And especially Best Actress was hot favorite with the three leads, Sheren, Tavia Yeung, and Charmaine Sheh. At the end, Sheren finally took home the Best Actress award, which she should of had gotten years back. Rosy Business had done really well and won Best Series in 2009, TVB decided to film a sequel. Sheren was then cast in the sequel "No Regrets"  in 2010. Her character Cheng Gau Mui was once hot favorite to win Best Actress again. Bringing the award home that night was to nobody surprise. This made Sheren the first Hong Kong actress to bring home the Best Actress title for two consecutive  years.

No Doubt, Sheren has lots of potential in her acting and is very skilled. Sheren was the only actress in Hong Kong who had starred in all of her 6 TVB series as the lead actress to reach 40 points mark. 3 of her series had won Best Series. Sheren had won over 44 awards and achievements. She had won the Best Supporting role in 2003 and 2004 and won Best Actress in 2009 and 2010. Sheren was born on March 2nd 1966. Sheren is a very skilled actress and any of the artistes that got to have a chance acting along side with her, should use that opportunity wisely. I will always support Sheren and would love to watch her next TVB series. But her next work will be the New Princess Pearl season I as Empress. I believe that going to be a mainland production? I'm not clearly positive about that. 

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